Work Wear: Green on the ground

When I was younger (like around 12), I always thought it was weird to wear a skirt. I felt awkward and thought that it was only for "gr...

When I was younger (like around 12), I always thought it was weird to wear a skirt. I felt awkward and thought that it was only for "grown ups". I always wore a shirt, pants, and slippers or bulky rubber shoes. Gah! I didn't mind though! Now that I'm older, I rarely wear pants. It seems it has turned around. I find it more comfortable to move around in a skirt or shorts. Am I weird? I don't know. Personal style really does change. And I think we'll always just be in this process of discovering our personal style.

(Out of impulse, I cut my bangs to full again! :p)

Honestly, I was never fully interested in fashion until I was probably in my sophomore year in college. At the time, I still didn't take my blog as a serious fashion blog. It was still a generic personal blog filled with day-to-day stories and rants. I started the whole Style Surgery thing I think in my junior year and didn't completely invest my time until I graduated. I suppose I've always seen this blog as an outlet rather than a business.

Tweeds blazer | Lauren Conrad top | YRYS belt | Bench jeans | Chick Flick heels | H&M necklace

I just love sharing my ideas and thoughts, hoping someone can relate. I feel so happy when I receive comments saying that they feel/think the same. And if not, that's fine too because we all have our own taste. I started my first blog back in 6th grade and it was still in Geocities (they've closed down the hosting site now)! That's when I started to learn HTML; I searched many websites and I remember my favorite: Lissa Explains It All (anyone familiar with this?). Funny how I really made the time to customize my site, I even had song lyrics on there, and other random things. It wasn't just a blog. It was a whole website! I think I will always have that kind of "blogger side" of me. Actually, I hope I never lose it :) And I'm suuuper thankful to anyone who appreciates it :) I actually still find myself looking at personal blogs more than niche blogs just because I'm nosy like that! :p

Have a great week ahead!
I might go to a few shows this Philippine Fashion Week, so tell me if I'll see you there! :)
♥ Megann

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  1. i lolove your blog layout babe! i miss you na kapatid. btw you are looking so greaaat :)

    The Bargain Doll

    1. Thank you kapatid! I'll see you tomorrow/later :) You lookin' gorjazz too!

  2. Such a lovely look. I really love your blazer!

    - Victoria

    1. Thank you, Victoria! It used to be my mom's 'til she gave it to me 'coz it didn't fit her anymore :)

  3. love your heels!

  4. great your heels dear...<3

    btw mind to follow each other???

  5. I love your outfit!
    very relaxing and fresh and chic!

  6. We have the same shoes! :D

  7. Nice outfit blazer outstanding thanks for sharing!!! Workwear


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