Work Wear: Feathers and floral

When my mom saw me today, she asked me "Why do you look sporty?" Now I know she didn't mean like an athlete, but probably beca...

When my mom saw me today, she asked me "Why do you look sporty?" Now I know she didn't mean like an athlete, but probably because I was wearing sneakers with my skirt. I only do this on my lazy days, which, I am realizing now, is either Wednesday or Thursday. There's something about those days that just makes me want to skip thinking about what to wear. So unless I have an event in the evening, I'm almost always in a very casual look on Wednesdays/Thursdays.

Thrifted shirt | Playful Fabrics skirt | Advan sneakers

Speaking of sporty, I also realized I haven't gone to the gym or haven't taken any fitness class in 2 months or so. This is possibly why I have been getting back to my sickly self. I started being relatively active in sports when I was in high school when I tried out for the badminton team and then eventually became a part of the track and field team. I also took boxing for a summer with my friends. Well, even before that, I was already very active in dance groups during earlier years. Plus, I went into college and joined the dragonboat team. So my body has been used to moving a lot and when I lack exercise, it just decides to break down. This is just bad. I haven't taken a class because (1) I can't find any that fits my schedule. I end work at 6PM and a lot of the yoga/barre3/pole dancing/etc classes' last class for the day is at 5pm; (2) there aren't that many options here in Alabang; (3) they're expensive. But I'm really not a gym person. I get bored easily. I'm the type of person who needs someone to constantly push her when working out. I know I shouldn't be making excuses and just get on with it. I really don't understand how some people have so much energy! At the end of the day, when I get home, I'm so drained I skip dinner and just sleep :( Anyone else feel me?

I do hope an opportunity comes up or I figure something out. Health is important.

Went to the L'Oreal Paris Philippines show yesterday. What shows are you watching? I might go again on Thursday :) Hope I'll see you!
♥ Megann

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  1. You still look girly to me. Maybe because of the flowers. haha :)
    I like your outfit. Simple and laid-back. :)
    -xoxo, FRANCES

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  2. Youre so pretty Megann! I love your hair esp!!! :) And the clash of prints in your outfit - super cute!

    The Misty Mom

  3. cool :"> I love how you processed those photos of yours :)


  4. I want that skirt. Just saying, LOLZballs.

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  5. this is such a cute outfit...

  6. Your hair is gorgeous and I love the mix of prints! xx


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