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Title is just a song I listened to earlier and now it's stuck in my head. Ever heard of The Smiths? Gosh, sometimes I really just ulti...

Title is just a song I listened to earlier and now it's stuck in my head. Ever heard of The Smiths?

Gosh, sometimes I really just ultimately go for comfort. That was my goal last Saturday when I dressed up to run errands and then meet my friends for dinner and dessert (blog post here). Now if I were to dress up in something simple but still classy for an event, I would probably go with a black and white combo--that's a no-fail look, for sure. But for a casual look, I'm really loving white and navy together. There is just something fresh about seeing the two colors together, don't you agree? And with hair swept up in a ponytail like so, it's a sure clean, classy, casual look.


I don't think I've ever really posted a look with my hair in a ponytail. Am I the only one who thinks it gives off a different vibe than when I have it up in a bun? Reminds me of Primrose. Hahaha! You see, my good blogger friend Angel has dubbed my "vlogger" alter-ego as "Primrose". She is polished and soft-spoken. If you've seen my videos and know me personally, you would understand why there was an urge to give a name to my alter-ego. Yep, Primrose would wear this. LOL.

Gifted top (no tag) | Space shorts | Tomato flats and watch | Mapleberry twist cuff | Michaela bag

On a more serious note, let me know what you think about this look. I wanted more variation for this blog in terms of the looks I let you see on here. I wanted to mix it up with the heels, and the formal, and the office wear, and the casual. Just a little bit of everything, if you will. After all, it's a personal style blog. And as with others, I love looking at blogs with casual looks as well :) I even get excited when I see casual looks posted because it's almost always something glamorous/high fashion/formal.

Share with me your personal style blogs! I like blog hopping when I have the time :)

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  1. love the casual cute look!

    xx. Hybrid Hunter

    follow each other?

  2. Replies
    1. Ah! Means a lot coming from you two :) xx

  3. Couldn't agree more... and you look so adorably cute with ponytale. :)

  4. you still look good in pony tale ;-) and i love your hair!!!

  5. wow you look great & u have nice blog:)

  6. your outfit is great!
    I love your blouse, flats! .. everything!
    perfect :)

  7. You're so smiley in this post, but this is the song I go to when I'm depressed lol


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