Fairy dust and unicorns

This weekend was insane. First of September, the first of ber  months, and payday weekend--aka SALE everywhere... aka TRAFFIC! :( What would...

This weekend was insane. First of September, the first of ber months, and payday weekend--aka SALE everywhere... aka TRAFFIC! :( What would have been an an hour and thirty minutes of driving from our place to Rockwell turned into nearly three hours. Yep, doubled! I was almost not going to see my good friend from college, Nina, because she had to leave soon. Glad I made it in time! I also made sure to drop by Kiehl's [newest] branch opening, located at the 2nd floor, near Shu Eumura, Kamiseta, and Dorothy Perkins--I'll talk about that in a separate post :) For now, here's what I wore to a fun-packed Saturday!

As I had predicted the day to be fun-packed, I dressed in fun colors as well. I thought I'd throw in some brights with the neutrals just to avoid creating a look that's too stiff for a weekend and yet still very presentable.

I recently got this really cute polka-dotted top from a quick thrift trip (say that fast 10x! Haha!). I decided to wear it right away because it was hot-and-cold that day. I added the blazer so that I had something I could easily take off or put on just in case the rain decides to show itself--which it did... a few times actually... which also resulted in me nearly tripping in front of people while walking at High Street. LOL that would have been entertaining!

Chick Flick blazer and heels; thrifted top; YRYS belt, socks, and bangles; Wear Mauve square bangle; Bubbles necklace; SM Accessories ring

Adding more fairy dust and unicorns to this look, I decided to wear these really cute socks! Honestly, I don't know what is up with me and socks right now. I'm sure it's just a phase. Especially when you're interested in fashion, you always get that moment when you want to try something different. It goes the same for when you're passionate about other things too, yes? :)

Well I hope you're all off to having a fun-packed week! I know that's a very lame term, but why not just use it for the third time since I already have it all over this blog post anyway. Haha!

Love you all
♥ Megann

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  1. Even hate web traffic. Love the blazer.

  2. Awww I love your outfit! It's so put together :)

    I also dropped by Kiehl's! :) Got new products Ill be reviewing soon!

    The Misty Mom

    1. Hey Shari! Thank you for your lovely comment :) And, by "I also dropped by Kiehl's!", did you mean you went to the one in Rockwell too? That's cool! :)

  3. nice blazer! I love the color! :)

    visit and follow my blog thru gc! thankies! :)

  4. yay to packed weekends! you look adorable as always. i wish i could pull of cute socks with heels. and that jacket color is just perfect on you! :)
    xo TJ

    1. Aww, TJ you're adorable! I'm sure you can pull it off too!! :) Probably even better than I can. Heeee! :)

  5. I like the blazer, but I'm not sure with its color. I think your photos are filtered or whatever. But it matches your socks. Kinda cute!!

    xx Diana

    1. Thanks Diana! The blazer is kind of blue-green? I'm not really sure. It's not turquoise though because I think turquoise is darker? :) Haha! And yes, I edit my photos :)

  6. i love everything about it ,
    the shoes really made the outfit pop .
    awesome !


  7. Favorite ko na yang blazer mo na yan!! :) Love this look, Meg! Very cute! :)



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