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I'm writing this post to be up two days later. Which means if this is already live, I've written this the other day... unless of cou...

I'm writing this post to be up two days later. Which means if this is already live, I've written this the other day... unless of course you read this much later than Tuesday. Anyway, enough of the confusing intro. My head is just slightly spinning right now and I'm sorry if I passed it on to you. Haha! I've been out the whole day and running low on sleep, so you can imagine how much head throbbing is happening right now.

Moving on to the look... today, I'm sharing with you another 'work wear'. I hope you don't get tired of it! I felt a bit fancy that day and I guess you can also say that I was out of ideas that morning when I opened my closet and stared for a good 15 minutes. Somehow the skirt just called out to me, hanging there all flowy and fantastical, so I thought I'd go for something a bit more polished. With that in mind, I threw on this lace halter top--which, by the way, my mom loves it when I wear halter tops. Pretty obvious since I only own two halter tops and they're both from her! She's too cute!

My skirt's getting some flamenco action!
Calliope lace halter top; vintage skirt; Chick Flick shoes; Soul Sister Clothing bag; Tomato watch; SM Accessories ring; House Of Luxe gold choker; Etude House nail polish

How was your weekend? Let's over-pack on good vibes to last us for the week, yes? :)
Love you all
♥ Megann

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  1. ganda girl love how elegant your outfit looks <3

    The Bargain Doll

    1. Aww, thanks sister :) I'm excited to see our video. See you on the 20th? :)

  2. This is your outfit to work? LOVE it. And your moms right... halter tops look good on you!

    p.s. I like the street you took these pictures on. really pretty!

    1. Yes it is, minus the necklace though :) Would've been too much for work. Thanks Allison!

  3. you are too cute, girl! love the style! and don't worry, i was able to follow your post! hope you are getting some much needed sleep! :)
    xo TJ

  4. Love the Monday work wear. =)

    Monday, yes? I'm a bit confused since you said this is a scheduled post. But it is, right? LOL.

    1. Hahaha! I'm not sure when I wore this but it was some time two weeks ago :p I just wrote the post on a Sunday but scheduled it to be up on Tuesday since I was regulating my posts haha :)

  5. You look very classy here!


  6. I love this outfit. The shirt is adorable (i love lace). Hope you were able to catch up on sleep!


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