So your name is Monday?

You've all heard it before. And I've said it so many times on my blog already. I'm not even going to go point-by-point as to wha...

You've all heard it before. And I've said it so many times on my blog already. I'm not even going to go point-by-point as to what happened to my Monday as it is just filled with my usual errands. Instead, I thought I should probably fixate on a different Monday--me. I've been asked so many times about this name. When? How? Why? So let's get those questions answered.

Calliope top | YRYS shorts | Tomato flats and watch | House Of Luxe owl ring | Fayeness Shop sunglasses

Yes, Megann is my name; and no, Monday isn't my last name. Megann isn't my birth name but it is a nickname that I've been called since I was born, by family members and friends. Monday, on the other hand, came from a project in college that I had to work on with some classmates for a radio show. We had to lay out a proposal for a radio show and I had a segment scheduled to air during Mondays, which was called Mega Megann Mondays. Let's just say we were going for the obvious. But Megann Monday wasn't even an alias I used for the program. The name came about during my earlier months on Twitter, when I had @heymegann as my username and thought that it was too boring. I dug deep, hoping I could have some catchy Twitter name instead and that's when I remembered our project. Eventually, it caught on. I found it to be catchy and so did my friends... so I stuck with it. Until this day, when it seems to be a trademark of some sort already, to the point that when I meet people, they remember me by that name. Easier. And that's it!

Now, do you have a nickname or an online name you go by? :)

Hope you liked this errands day look and the tidbit I just shared in this post.
Have a good week!
♥ Megann

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  1. so chic! and somewhat mod on the first shot. :) loving the lace top!

    1. Thanks Twin! I was hoping to go somewhere around the lines of mod actually. Probably brought about by the sunglasses :p

  2. I can totally relate with this post... I invented this name (of course there's a story behind it) which is "MsDearlady" and I do think that it is easy to remember, cause' somehow, everyone knows me by that as well... ;)

    1. Yeah! Whenever I meet people now they're like, "Megann Monday, right?" Haha it's fun! :)

  3. LOL. I was just telling Kelly the other day to make a post behind why his nickname is Kelly. :p BTW, when you get sick of those glasses... you know what to do. ;)

  4. funny how i don't know your real name and even kelly's hahaha :)

    The Bargain Doll


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