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Hey style surgeons!  So, I remember being asked--I think on Formspring --about how I manage to look fresh throughout the day. To be honest w...

Hey style surgeons! So, I remember being asked--I think on Formspring--about how I manage to look fresh throughout the day. To be honest with you, I don't. I can't manage; I will never manage. Hahaha! But thank you for thinking that I do manage. In any case, here is proof that I'm no different from anyone :p

After a whole day at work, I went to Megamall despite the rain (ugh) because I wanted to check out Manels with Angel and Hezron.

Have you seen this Manels tarp? Spot me :)

The point of going there was to see the stuff Manels had to offer because they have a surprise for everyone! Read on to see what caught my eyes and find out what their big announcement is!

It's silver and has such a futuristic vibe! Although I have failed to fully capture its beauty on camera, I must tell you it really is gorgeous. It's so gorgeous that I had to get a second pair in a different color...

My eyes were actually initially drawn to the gold and thought I didn't really dig silver. But sometimes, it takes fitting the shoes to really appreciate them, yes? So when I tried both on, I just couldn't pick and decided I will get both instead.

In-store photos are from Angel.

These are only two of the many lovely products you can find at Manels. The best part? You can get these babies at 50% off starting TODAY, August 15, until August 21. Yup, it's Manels' Anniversary Sale! ALL shoes, bags, and leather goods are at 50% off at ALL Manels branches. So if you fancy the footwear I just showed, or have been eyeing a certain bag/belt/etc, then it's the perfect time to drop by the nearest Manels branch. I suggest you go as soon as you can so you you'll still have a lot to choose from.

I'm actually treating my mom to this because she has been wanting new flats. Perfect!
Let me know if you dropped by and if you got anything (you should :p)
♥ Megann

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  1. It's been a while since I've last bought a pair from Manels. And wow! That's a HUGE discount! :D Will definitely visit a Manels store within the promo period. Yay me, 'cause this is just so timely. The recent monsoon rains and flooding left 2 of my sandals in a bad condition.. >.<

    The Purple Doll

    1. A lot of my flats have been ruined too! Now I use slippers when I commute and just carry my shoes in an eco bag til I get to my destination. It's such a struggle :( But I hope you're okay despite the weather! :) Happy shopping ;)

  2. Manels here is still under renovation. Sayang. =(

  3. wow! I heard Manels got great shoes.. I really wanna check them out :) looking forward to visiting them as soon as I arrive Manila <3

    P.S. you're so pretty Megann! hope to see you someday ;)

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)


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