High waist, high socks, and high school

Here's another look I promised to post this morning! :)  I think I mentioned before that I have a growing love for high waist short...

Here's another look I promised to post this morning! :) 

I think I mentioned before that I have a growing love for high waist shorts. This garterized/boxer-like shorts is the newest addition. Actually, I'm not sure if it was intended to be worn high or around the hips but I opted for high and tucked in a fully buttoned sleeveless blouse. This gave the casual shorts a more put-together feel. I thought I was starting to look like a high school student in this ensemble, so, why not go all the way? Blazer. High socks. Ta-dah!

And speaking of high socks, they are also making their way into my list of things I used to not like but now I do (along with tights). So if you feel like randomly giving me a gift despite my birthday still being at the end of the year--I don't know; maybe you're just extremely sweet, haha--, then shorts or socks are a pretty good bet ;)

Kidding aside, this is probably one of my favorite casual looks I've done. I especially wanted to wear canvas shoes because I sort of maybe tripped (haha) in my heels last Thursday at Republiq. So my leg was still recovering from that incident. No big deal, though. I just really needed to let my leg rest.

Mike dela Rosa blazer; Levi's button-down; Tomato shorts; YRYS green bangles set; Anagon Collection leaf necklace; panda necklace, green charm bracelet, pearls bracelet (gifts); bag bought from Ava/BloggersUnited3SM Accessories ring; Advan shoes; Robinsons Dept Store socks

I added the structured bag to complete the "academic" feel. And then went a bit quirky with accessories. If you don't know it yet, I really love pandas! It's my favorite animal! LOL.

So that's how I channeled being a high school (maybe even grade school) kid. Your thoughts? :)

Photos by Verge.
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♥ Megann

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  1. I love this back to school outfit! Especially the added accessories. You look great :)

  2. You are super super pretyy!:D We love your blog, we are in love with the panda;)
    kisses from China!

  3. Aaw you look so adorable! This is lovely!


  4. Hezron thought pandas were super nice, too. :p Still loving your necklace!


  5. This look is adorable! Love the blazer and those colors. You just look great! :)

  6. love love the look and the bag on you! cool how you made it into a clutch!


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