The time now is 12:23 AM and I had just gotten back from the movies. Saw Step Up Revolution with my brother. I've actually got my Rainy ...

The time now is 12:23 AM and I had just gotten back from the movies. Saw Step Up Revolution with my brother. I've actually got my Rainy Day playlist--which doubles as my bedtime playlist--all fired up, but before hitting the sack, let me share this week-old look first.

It seems that this space in Alabang Town Center has been a favorite spot for taking outfit photos whenever I'm with fellow blogger friends. It's practically an open area with some palm trees. It just screams I'm here to make your outfit stand out!

This is what I wore last Monday on a semi-random trip to the mall with Angel. Semi-random because although she did tell me about that Dine to Donate thing that Wee Nam Kee will be holding for Monday beforehand, there weren't any concrete plans made until the morning of that day when we just asked each other if we were going to meet up -- YES.

It was still a bit chilly as the weather was just in that stage of calming down, so I decided to layer. Again. Please don't get bored. Hahaha! For some reason, though, I wanted to channel this "sloppy"/loose/I don't care attitude in dressing that Effie Stonem has. Have you seen Skins (UK)? I don't own boots, nor do I have the courage to walk around with my underwear peeking through, but this should do.

Button-down (gift); Cinderella leggings; random leopard-printed tube top (as skirt); Burlington socks; Converse high top Chuck Taylor; H&M necklace; House Of Luxe, Anagon Collection, YRYS arm accessories

Well, here we are! It's the long weekend for most. I've got work to do, so I won't exactly experience it. But I do hope you all have a wonderful time relaxing, whether you'll be out-of-town, staying in, or going out.

Photos by Angel.
Click here to see where I wore this to.
♥ Megann

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  1. Sa may bagong area kung nasaan man ang Jamba Juice. Lol. Hula lang :)

    Tuwa naman ako lagi mo ng nagagawang mag sneakers :) Hihi. See you soon Megann! :)


    1. Are you from the south now too? Haha! It's close there, yes :) And about the sneakers, oo naman noh! Flats/sneakers forever haha. See you soon!! :)

  2. Okay. You're a great cropper and photo editor. I don't remember those photos looking that good when I took them. I need to brush up on my photog skillz. With a z.


    1. Hahaha they were naman :) I just have this editing for my photos. Thanks again for taking! Looking forward to utilizing your skillz--with a z--again ;)

  3. super comedy ng 'style' blog mo natatawa ako para kang si Aaron did fashion hahahahaha yung mukha mo nakakatawa. ef na ef mo talaga! hahahahahahahhaahhaha buti pa si Aaron did fashion, career ang pagka baduy! ikaw natural lang. That's all <3


    1. Aww, that's fine :) Thank you for taking notice of my style :)

  4. i love effy stonem! very london street style ang peg mo!

  5. I love the simplicity of this look.



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