Work Wear: Slap on a sweater

Thrifted  sweater; F-Stop  floral dress; Mi Lujuria  boots;  Anagon Collection  gold chain bracelet; House of Luxe  gol...

Thrifted sweater; F-Stop floral dress; Mi Lujuria boots; Anagon Collection gold chain bracelet; House of Luxe gold claw cuff & pyramid ring; Tomato watch

I have no words--for the first time ever. Sometimes it's just nice to throw on a sweater on a rainy day and get on with it. How's the weather at your end of the screen?

This post makes me wonder if you guys liked it better if I talked more in my posts (like I usually do) or just have it like this. More photos, less words? Let me know.
Thank you to everyone who commented on the last outfit post! Love you all!
♥ Megann

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  1. Hello! I like how you paired your outfit with a boots :) so cute.

  2. I like having some words with your posts. I like to read about your life a little.

    It's finally sunny here! We've had two days of hot sun for the first time this summer and it's lovely!


    1. Ooh that's interesting to know! I'll try to find a balance :) Thanks Becky! And that's great. Enjoy the sunshine! ;)

  3. absolutely love your style, girl! you look adorable! and a sweater with a feminine touch of the skirt is just perfect!
    xo TJ

  4. Wow! Thank you for thinking so :) You're awesome!


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