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Hey style surgeons! Okay, so I'm kind of in a rush right now trying to be in bed before midnight. Cinderella?  Not really. More like an ...

Hey style surgeons! Okay, so I'm kind of in a rush right now trying to be in bed before midnight. Cinderella? Not really. More like an extremely early wake-up time tomorrow. But before going to bed, I thought I'd share with you all what I wore just two days ago. I thought it would be raining but it didn't. Such a waste that I brought this yummy yellow umbrella, and yet, it was such a nice addition to the photos I took that morning.

I went for a more casual look just in case the rain might come. At this point, the rain has been on-and-off in Manila and we all know how much of a dilemma that can be for someone who commutes. The rain is no friend to a person who walks endlessly and waits forever to get on a bus/jeepney/other modes of public transportation.

Also, I am really loving the photos we ended up with. I'm so glad that despite the gloomy morning, a little ray of sunshine still peaked through the clouds.

Chick Flick blazer; thrifted shirt; Anti-Fashion Manila skirt; Converse shoes; Anagon Collection wire collar necklace; House Of Luxe gold necklace; YRYS bangles

Let me know what you think about the look. What would you wear for a possibly rainy day? Leave some love so I'll know you dropped by. 
Hope you had/have a great Thursday on whichever side of the globe you're on! :)
♥ Megann

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  1. I don't know what's better here,honey-outfit or photos;)

  2. What lovely colours!


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  4. HI:)
    I am new on your blog,but I am already liking!!
    Such a nice photos and look.
    Following,for sure!!

    Visit Missy Cheeks Looks on facebook:!

  5. i hate it when it rains! hahaa i still dress like im about to go to the beach on rainy days :) i love the colors but whered you get your umbrella? ive been looking for one :)



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