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Palawan is beautiful! --for those of you wondering where in the world I was the past few days :P Haha! I will, however, have to wait for the...

Palawan is beautiful!--for those of you wondering where in the world I was the past few days :P Haha! I will, however, have to wait for the photos from my coworkers since I didn't bring my camera. How bad, I know. So anyway, let's proceed with an outfit post for now :)

Last Thursday, I opted for something more casual and easy to move around in. I totally drained out my energy during the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday concert c/o Globe from the night before, so I preferred something oversized. Sore throat was worth it for Nicki Minaj! ;p Still keeping in line with my personal style of polished-with-an-edge, I opted for this gray uneven top and tucked in the front to create the mullet effect; secured everything with this pretty leopard bow belt and that was it!

Top bought online; Anti-Fashion Manila bodycon skirt; YRYS leopard bow belt; Primadonna wedges; Mapleberry cuff; Anagon Collection gold chain bracelet; House Of Luxe triangle ring; Tomato watch

These are just simple pieces made more interesting by the details and styling. There's so much we can actually do with basics. Try out different styles in your head and execute them when you have the time. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. But it's always good to experiment because you'll never know when it will be a success and will be worth the strut on the streets.

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♥ Megann

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  1. Stunning! I love how you've made something that is actually quite simple look so lovely! Adore the belt!
    Cara x

  2. Parang sumisexy ka ata, Megann? :) Love the outfit!

    Kaye Awatin
    Twitter: @thestyleflux

    1. Nagkasakit ako :( Everyone keeps saying I got thinner after.
      Thanks Kaye! ♥

  3. Cute star tee. I love oversized comfy!

  4. kahit wala ng pictures basta ba makapunta lang ng palawan! hehe. love the leopard bow belt!

    1. Haha charge to experience! :P I loved it. Super ganda talaga. Got over my fear of swimming with fishes O_O Hahahaha

  5. gondo gondo! love how you made sweater look sexy! hoy miss na kita kapatid!!!!!!

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

    1. Of course! Pareho tayo sexy :P Haha miss you too, ate :(


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