What happens in Vegas

... I have yet to find out! ;) I remember I had just turned 20 two years ago and immediately after that, I had my sights set on Las Vegas...

... I have yet to find out! ;)

I remember I had just turned 20 two years ago and immediately after that, I had my sights set on Las Vegas for my 21st birthday. I talked it over with my parents, and it was under consideration. You see, they've gone there before (twice, I think), but I wasn't old enough then to enter casinos and such, plus I couldn't miss school so they had to go without me. But 2011 came--the year when I was to turn 21--and I graduated from college. I thought, how perfect is this? But things took on a different path and I was employed before I turned 21, kind of sidetracking my initial plans of finally experiencing Vegas for all of its glamour and game. Or at least, that's how I've always seen it. While Vegas will have to wait indefinitely, my outfit doesn't.

I decided to wear this for Nicki Minaj's concert which happened just this evening! I've honestly never updated this fast (and with a really recent outfit) in a while, but I really like what I wore. And for this, I thought I'd whip up something inspired by the famous Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada sign. Taking cue from the colors of its lights, I incorporated yellow/gold and deep red. But so as not to stray away from my personal style, I opted for my subtle floral sleeved top. I thought about going all out on the glitters, but realized that's just not my thing. I believe the shoes did more than enough of the talking for this look.

Trendphile floral sleeved polo; The Posh Wardrobe velvet shorts; House Of Luxe earrings; Anagon Collection wire collar necklace & chunky gold bangle; Sing Styles JC Foxy inspired heels

I believe this can go from day-to-night with the relatively muted top and the eye-catching heels; not to mention, I'm also wearing my favorite velvet shorts! What do you think?

Have you been to Vegas? :)
♥ Megann

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  1. Those shorts are just darling!



  2. well I haven't but vegas is definitely on my list!

    1. Aww, thanks for reading. Let's hope we see Vegas soon :)

  3. I love everything about this!! gorgeous! :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  4. Those velvet shorts are super cute! Goes so well with the blouse :)

  5. ganda ng hair mo dito meg! so gorgeous!! and you look so fresh :)

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll


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