Flique Magazine Launch at Opus

Well, there's a new magazine that's set to rock the stands. Read on to see what went down. With my ate  (sister), Rovie . ...

Well, there's a new magazine that's set to rock the stands. Read on to see what went down.

With my ate (sister), Rovie.
Rocking the knee-highs with Wonder Woman Angel. Can you say "AS IF!"? (Cher, Horowitz Clueless, 1995)

The event had a 90s teen flick theme, which, for some of us, meant dressing like we were a part of Clueless! Remember that movie? It was a night of loud prints, matchy-matchy ensembles, and knee-high socks. Funny thing is, when you think about it--we're not too far off when it comes to fashion trends today.

The Flique Magazine launch party was hosted by the gorgeous Face to Face: The Healing Power Of Make-Up author, Bianca Valerio. Gotta love her body-hugging velvet dress with the low back detail (not seen in the photo). You probably know by now how much I love anything with a plunging back or interesting back detail ;)

The Flique Magazine team was also called up to the stage, of course, and during their segment, they also crowned two individuals who were definitely dressed to the nines!--or should I say 90s?

Flique Magazine Premiere Issue cover girl Yeng Constantino graced not only the spreads of the magazine but also the event. She looked very edgy with her nearly all-black ensemble pumped up with her red shoes. She shared how her style has definitely gone through a long phase of evolution until she finally found her own. And if you haven't seen the magazine yet, you definitely have to pick up a copy because she looks stunning! All her layouts have been styled to detail.

And as with the rest of the magazine, you can expect that it will not be sitting quietly on the news stands. Each page is filled with explosive content and downright in-your-face fashion-forward attitude. Their first issue exudes of confidence and art.

And now, let's have some fun with photos, shall we? :)

Yellow protective phone cases! Mine and Rovie's.
 Jacky and Angel all smiles.
Not quite sure why we all had solo photos with Henry. Hahaha.
The girls with Verge!
Photo from Verge.
Finally met the Brand Director of Oxygen, Jeff Bascon--err, bacons? Haha. And in the middle of talking about Oxygen and all things fashion-related, I just had to squeeze in the question about why his Twitter name is so :p

There you have it! Stay tuned to see in detail what pieces I chose to work with to achieve my 90s teen flick-inspired look.

Ah, would love to work in a magazine someday :)
♥ Megann

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  1. aaaahhh!! probably one of the best parties ever!!! :) It feels so good to be always with you, esp you my sister :) I'm so happy to have found good souls from you guys.

    PS: I so love your outfit that night. Lakas maka-cher! :P
    OASAP and FIRMOO giveaways on The Bargain Doll! :)

    1. Thank you, sister! :) I always enjoy events with you guys! ♥


    Haha. I love the photo of us two. And that we didn't actually plan to dress or pose that way. It just happened. :p


    1. Weren't you sober in our full-body photo? Oh, wait, no. This is because I came late and you've swept the bar by the time I got there :p We were rockin' the knee-highs!

  3. yep, working for a magazine seems like a dream right now. how fun would that be? and i'm loving this "clueless" vibe that is going on ;)
    xo TJ

    1. Yes, I have always been a writer. I've loved writing since I was 8! :) Thanks TJ! :)

  4. One of the best parties! probably because I'm with you guys! I look gwapo here hehe! See you really soon Megann!


  5. Is it ok if I save 2 of your pictures. (Me on stage wearing the animal prints...hehe...) and post it on my FB page? thanks much!



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