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Last Saturday I went to Bloggers United 3 in support of some blogger friends and also because I was hoping to buy a few things for a bargain...

Last Saturday I went to Bloggers United 3 in support of some blogger friends and also because I was hoping to buy a few things for a bargain. After squeezing through hundreds of people, saying hi to some bloggers, and a few hours later, here are just some photos I have to share with you :) It was great to see blogger friends whom I haven't seen in a while and some of those whom I look up to for their success and down-to-earth personality. I struggled with the photos, but I hope these are good enough to show you the success of the event.

Tattoo was a co-presenter at the event, at which I'm sure the Stylista stick is a perfect match for the fashionistas who came!
One of the reasons why I wanted to go so badly was because Anastacia Siantar of Brown Platform was there! Imagine: she flew all the way from Indonesia just to be a part of Bloggers United 3. I love her! She was very sweet and accommodating; especially to those who wanted to take a photo with her :)
I will forever be a sucker for accessories! Thankfully, I didn't splurge all that much for them.
These are ones from the booth of Seph and Shai (of Lovechic).
Look who we have here! When he was off-duty (hehe), Robbie also participated at the bazaar. Hello!
Gorgeous Raleene! Too bad I wasn't able to catch their set :( Her sister Rizza was there too of course.
The epitomy of boho chic: Cheyser! Can't wait to pig-out with this girl soon. She's quite the food fanatic as well!
Can you spot the standee of Cheys? ;) 
Just some foot traffic and shoe spotting while I was waiting for my friends to come.
Angel and her flower-powered head!
Jacob of ProjectJacobG and Joy of House Of Luxe (like them Facebook!!)
Outfit shot area? Bloggers United definitely made this venue blogger-friendly! Hahaha. 
This jewelry box was just so pretty!
Upon roaming around, look what I found! MONDAY. Hah, just had to have a photo :p 
And the girls whom I made kulit during the bazaar! Reg, Ava and Krissy!
Surprised to see Ava's son, Athan, was hiding under the table! So cute! He's about the same age as my godson Chad.

And that was it for Bloggers United 3! I waited for Rovie to arrive at the event. She shopped for a bit and then we were off to... can you guess where? :) You'll have to wait for the next post!

Have a great week, everyone!
♥ Megann

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  1. thank you for the support, twin!!:)

  2. Everyone looks so stylish!


  3. tayo na always together love <3 and yes love your BU3 photos :) thanks for including my ugly little face here :P
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  4. ang cool lagi pag nakakahanap tuloy ako ng may monday, always reminding me of you. Did you buy that happy monday shirt? :)


  5. Started following you on various socials
    I love that market of bloggers <3

  6. Sayang i wasn't here in Manila during that event. :(

    By the way, just wanna let you know that I've nominated you on Versatile Blogger Award ;D


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