Sequins, a midi skirt & a structured bag

I was feeling real good that and I think it will be really obvious in this post because of the number of photos I have here. So I'd like...

I was feeling real good that and I think it will be really obvious in this post because of the number of photos I have here. So I'd like to apologize in advance for the photo flooding! I just couldn't resist the outfit being a mix of modern trends and vintage twists. Let me show you how I worked a sequined top, a midi skirt and a structured bag into a daytime look.

Black sequined top; vintage blue midi skirt; Charles & Keith shoes

First, to tone down the party rockin' vibe of the sequined top, I paired it with this vintage midi skirt which I got from my mom's closet for a proper daytime look. No, I didn't steal it (this time, haha). The skirt no longer fits her and I'm just about the same size as she was when she was my age, so this was just perfect!

I again twisted and knotted a long thin belt to cinch the skirt at my waist and give off a dainty addition to the look. I really love doing this trick because aside from getting the right fit, it also functions as some sort of design. I don't know... that might just be me. Haha!

I absolutely love structured bags. They add so much elegance to any outfit, don't you agree? It has that certain polished feel that just boosts the look. It's actually already breaking down from overuse :( I swear I've shoved my camera inside this bag more times than I could count because it fits just right, however the weight is too much. Darn. I hope I get a bag to replace this before it totally breaks down.

Mapleberry twist cuff; Tomato watch

I wore this to work and this is quite possibly one of my favorite recent outfits. I love the black with the navy blue and the brown and gold accents. This is me showing you how one item of clothing, such as that sequined and sheer top, can transition from looking very rocker to looking very sweet and girly with just the right pieces to mix and match it with.
♥ Megann
It's Philippine Fashion Week! Have you gone to any of the shows? :) There's also an ongoing bazaar at SMX -- Superb Bazaar! So see you tomorrow if you're going to any of the two ;)

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  1. Like this look, twin!:) Soft and edgy! Oh and might watch bench tomorrow night and visit ana at Superb! Wasn't able to go last Friday to oxygen :(

  2. Very pretty!! :) Ganda ng skirt mo as usual! And oh, I think we have the same top, pero white yung akin. Hahaha! Cute! :D


  3. love the whole look especially the skirt! keribelles lang kahit photo overload kabogera naman ang outfitey pati ang mga pose eh :))
    ♥ Maria

  4. as always i love my sister's look. and yes im a bit selos coz ava is our twin pala :P chos :) i guess i have another sister from another mother!

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll


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