Packing a second look

Today I'm here to show you what I wore to the Absolut Elyx Launch I attended (sort of) with Angel , Rovie and Verge last week. I was ...

Today I'm here to show you what I wore to the Absolut Elyx Launch I attended (sort of) with Angel, Rovie and Verge last week. I was off to a rough start that Wednesday, but I was set on packing another outfit. As you all know, as much as possible, I try to avoid packing another set of clothes because it's too much of a hassle to lug around when you commute. But sometimes, you get into situations wherein you just have to have a second outfit -- case in point: that Wednesday (click the link to see my first outfit). I obviously could not wear something club-appropriate to work, right?  But since the Absolut Elyx Launch was at Republiq, which is a club in Resorts World Manila, I had no choice but to work two looks that day. My best bet for this dilemma? Pack a light piece and wear shoes that could match both the daytime look and night time look!

Dressaholic Shoppe dress; Charles & Keith heels; vintage belt

This dress was definitely the answer. I haven't worn it since I got it about two years ago. Not quite sure, but I guess I was saving it? Anyway, it's very light-weight. I was able to easily roll it up and put it in a bag. Then, I wanted to remain classy hence the use of pearls and golds in my accessories. What do you think?

Cue music: Girl In The Mirror - Britney Spears. HAHA!

I'm absolutely in love with the photos! Rovie was kind enough to take my photos using her camera because bad luck me left my camera's battery at work :( So it became pointless that I charged it there so I could have a cam to use at night. But, oh well, no use crying over spilled milk right?

Bubbles necklace; random pearl bracelets; Tomato watch; SM Accessories ring

Rovie and I had two sets of outfit photos, but these definitely turned way better than the initial and slightly rushed photos at the girls' room. Haha! Thank you to Angel for sharing this little corner of Resorts World Manila with us! Despite having the staff at Bruno's Barbers and FAB Manila stare at us while we were taking the photos, it was worth it :)

♥ Megann

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  1. Love your outfit! Great idea to take pictures with mirror:)

    xoxo The Pretty Faces

    1. Thank you so much :) It was my friend's idea.

  2. You look gorgeous, are really cool party look.

  3. wow! that nice! I love your dress! kisses from:




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