One time, I was asked on Formspring if I ever had those times when I " just put on the simplest and most basic of outfits "--and ...

One time, I was asked on Formspring if I ever had those times when I "just put on the simplest and most basic of outfits"--and it got me thinking what it meant to wear basic/simple outfits. Maybe it would be wearing a top and shorts/pants. But I've seen loads of those on Lookbook and they still ended up looking fantastic. I mean, I do dress down. Like the shirt and jeans, if that's what it means. But apparently, it's not very evident on my blog? :p And then it hit me, you can get away with wearing "basics" without looking too frumpy if you have the right pieces to work with :)

Had a lot of errands to run that day, so this was the perfect time to execute just exactly what I was saying above.

Tick:Tock robot shirt; gift purple jeans 
Advan sneakers
Funny photo, but yeah. It's not easy taking outfit photos! :P
H&M necklace
Simone's Closet braided bracelets; mom's belt; Style Scene white and gold ring; SM Accessories gold bangle; Tomato black bangle; YSL inspired ring from Marianne

I've said this a few times in some of my posts that I'm a big accessories girl. I collect, I pile, I store. I mean, let's face it, my style is quite normal. I suppose. It's just that I almost always have statement accessories on. And when it's not the accessories, it's just a striking piece of clothing such as this purple pants I'm wearing.

Oh, and I guess you can also consider this robot shirt as striking too. I cut off the sleeves to be summer-friendly and also to have that edgy, care-free feel.

And since I was wearing something that was easy to move around it--move, I did! ;) This might not be one of my best looks, but this is definitely something I'd wear when I run errands. Thoughts?

Have a great day! Take it easy!
♥ Megann

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  1. everything about this outfit is sooo cute!! your accessories, top and the color of the jeans!! <3

  2. That top is so cute! I love your little jumping photos.



  3. Truly love this laid back look! ♥ Ganda mo pa rin babe! I also LIIIIKE your jump shots! Poised pa rin! Haha :D



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