I Got A Soldier

Finally got around to going to the movies after so long! I can't even remember the last movie I saw on the big screen. Guess I've be...

Finally got around to going to the movies after so long! I can't even remember the last movie I saw on the big screen. Guess I've been too busy that I just leave it up to my laptop to download the latest ones. I forgot how it felt to be watching in the movie theater -- seriously. Who else here loves watching movies in the theater? :) It's not just about the movie being blown up to a big screen, but it's also the experience of watching with friends, eating popcorn and all those junk food, and sitting on those comfy movie seats. So for my cinema comeback and because it's been challenging to dress up, I wore some lightweight pieces.

The Posh Wardrobe blazer and shorts; Mossimo oversized tank; H&M necklace

Recently discovered (with the help of my friends :p) this really lovely store in SM Southmall called Peacocks (Philippines). It's a brand that started out in 1884, I think in UK. They carry menswear, women's apparel, footwear, undergarments/lingerie, and accessories. The plus side? They're affordable too! Not too sure where the other branches are, but I'm sure you can look it up on the Internet :) I got this cute black sandals with gold accents from there, for around P375 if I remember correctly. I'm definitely going to hoard a bunch of things from there!

Anagon Collection gold bangle; Tomato watch; SM Accessories ring; Mauve clutch; Peacocks sandals

Anyway, we saw The Lucky One and I seriously fell in love with Zac Efron, or rather, his character in that film. Not a big Zac fan, but damn son, you are a piece of somethin'! After watching, I felt like I was meant to marry a marine. Or I want to, at least. Hahaha. Why do they have to make those men in uniform look so good? :p As for the story itself, I didn't find it to be anything extraordinary. The actors were really good though, so I believe that was what brought the intensity to the film. It was sweet and touching.

Well, that was nice. Now I'm off to find me a soldier boy (as Zac's character was teasingly called in the film). Hahaha! Not feeling too well right now, so I was just tryin' to have some fun around here :p Hope you're all fine. The weather's just crazy!

♥ Megann

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  1. Absolutely love these shorts and the blazer is a beautiful colour. I agree there is something nice about taking a trip to the cinema rather than just sitting in and watching movies...it makes it feel that little bit more special.
    Cara x

    1. Thank you, sweet Cara! It really is :) The experience is totally different. Although I'm not saying I don't like watching movies on my couch on a Friday night too :) But yes, there's something different.

  2. Hello! I just came across your wonderful blog and was wondering if we could follow each other on Blogger and Twitter? Take care. :)

    Kristina (pink-sequins@blogspot.com)

    1. Thanks for the comment! I love the layout of your site :)

  3. i like the simplicity in this, the neutrals with that crazier print on your shorts. great for a hot hot day! i discovered you on chictopia today and just wanted to say hi! :)

    it would make me happy if you visited too!
    pandaphilia style

    1. Thanks Angie! I really wanted the shorts to be the main focus :) It's great to hear that you came here through Chictopia. I just recently started updating it again :)

  4. Whoa. One of your best so far.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. wow! I love your outfit ..! all so cute :)



  7. I LOVE YOUR STYLE NA! I followed you on GFC. :D




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