Denim x Florals

Before we begin, please check out this cutie, Jacob Gayanelo's blog:  The Media Lighthouse . He's a friend of  Angel 's whom I&#...

Before we begin, please check out this cutie, Jacob Gayanelo's blog: The Media Lighthouse. He's a friend of Angel's whom I've met recently and whom I apparently have a lot of common friends with. Manila really is small. He's a musical theater performer who's into entertainment and food, so you really have to check out what he has to say (and girls, if you want to see more of him, bookmark/follow his blog now!) :) Can't wait for more #JAM sesh with you and Angel!

Okay, now that I've got your attention with that eye candy (haha)... please stick around for the less interesting part of this post which is about a previous look I've donned.

Recently, the weather has gone back to having a really bad mood swing. It would change from sunny to rainy about 3x in a day. It has been extra challenging to whip out pieces to wear because I would usually wake up with the cool breeze from outside and then feel all hot when I'm all set--which would normally end up with me changing. Again.

But for today's weapons of choice, I went with one of the trends that happened a while back: denim x florals. It's a real good go-to look when you are feeling just a tad bit girly.

F-Stop floral dress; Manels flats

I don't use my dresses a lot because I find them so "memorable" (if that was the correct term for it). I would almost always opt to buy separates rather than one-piece clothes because it's easier to mix and match. But sometimes you just can't resist a nice vintage dress staring at you. The print is somewhat mature, but the style of the dress is absolutely young and doll-like so it balances out.

Mauve square bangles; Tomato watch; Simone's Closet braided bracelet; Chick Flick bag

These flats were the perfect match to my dress. I just love that it's pink and green, and has pom-poms in front. And coincidentally, the bag matched my denim jacket. So I suppose I was unconsciously going for a play with subtle, polished and yet quirky.

Wow! That was a relatively short post compared to what I would normally have up. I should probably vlog. And it will be 15-minute videos. Meh. 'Til the next post! :)

♥ Megann

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  1. I so love the dress, Megann!!!!!!!!!! <3


  2. love that floral dress!

    I have an ongoing giveaway on my blog, hope you can join! xx Miss Beatrix (


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