Candy Style Awards 2012

Fashion and exquisite style dominated Rockwell Tent during the first ever Candy Style Awards ! I was running on low energy, recovering from ...

Fashion and exquisite style dominated Rockwell Tent during the first ever Candy Style Awards! I was running on low energy, recovering from a recent sickness I had to deal with but I sure was not going to miss this. I've turned to Candy countless times and it is undeniable that I am, in fact, a Candy girl ;D (that's the signature candy wink + smile for ya!). Despite battling with the hell that is the Edsa northbound traffic on my way there, I made it a few minutes after the program started. Everyone definitely looked Candy Style Awards-ready!

When I got inside Rockwell Tent, they were already about to start the awarding segment. I managed to walk through a large crowd and find these awesome bunch to sit with! :)

Kelly of The Traveling Boots, Angel of Wonder Woman Rises and Arnie of Raid My Closet
Paul of The PR Guy

And now, here are some photos of the awardees themselves:

Mario Maurer for Most Stylish Candy Cover Boy
Elmo Magalona and Julie Anne San Jose (a.k.a. JULIELMO) for Most Stylish Love Team
Clara Magalona for the Junior Style Award 
Jasmine Curtis-Smith as one of the 8 Candy Style Stars (revealed in their May 2012 issue)

There were quite a couple of awardees who weren't present during the Candy Style Awards. I'm sure we probably would've gone completely deaf if they were though, because all the fans and followers were very supportive and persistent with their cheers that despite the absence of their style idols, they still screamed to the top of their lungs! Amazing. But for those who weren't there, Candy made sure to still deliver (like they always do) by presenting a short video message from the celebrities themselves.

Someday Dream was also there to inject music that was definitely good for the ears. Doesn't he look great?

And of course, the Candy Style Awards could not end without revealing their eight Candy Style Stars! If you've seen the May 2012 issue, then you should know who they are by now (plus, I've been seeing this all over the Internet). Now here they are - Patricia Prieto, Laureen Uy, Tricia Gosingtian, Kryz Uy, Jaz Reyes, Camille Co, Sarah Lahbati and Jasmine Curtis-Smith (whom you saw in the previous photos).

The tent was packed with fashion bloggers, Candy cuties, celebrities and Candy girls, all decked out in looks I'm guessing was inspired by the magazine itself. Everyone was just so lovely to look at :)

Thank you to Candy Magazine and congratulations on the first Candy Style Awards! Looking forward to the next one!

Thank you to Arnie for taking this photo. Outfit post soon!

Were you there too? What did you wear? :)
♥ Megann

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  1. i love the back detail! grabe, andming tao!

  2. Looks like an amazing event =) Everyone looks stylish! X

  3. AHHHH Sorry talaga, di nakisama the lighting that night! Fail tuloy your shots sa photo wall. :( :( Sorry! Haha but anyway it was GREAT to see you, Megann! Love your skirt talaga. ♥ Love you babe! More bangag moments soon! :p


  4. Love your outfit megan! love the red skirt :) thats a mullet skirt right? hehe! hoping that i could attend a candy event soon and meet fashion bloggers like you :DD


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  6. you're so lucky to be part of this :) i used to grab a copy of candy whenever i went back to the philippines when i was younger hahaha.

  7. great event megann!! :) i wish i could meet you soon :)
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  8. Great post

    Welcome to visit my blog. If you want to follow me I follow you back xx

    i'm following you now :D
    mind to follow back? :)


  10. wish i had been there! :)
    i love your outfit especially the skirt and the sexy details of the top. i think we have the same shoes. aren't those foxy? :)


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