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You've seen a portion of this look in this post . You should probably read that too, just in case, if you want to know who took these g...

You've seen a portion of this look in this post. You should probably read that too, just in case, if you want to know who took these great photos. Anyway, now, it's time to actually talk about it.
About a month back, I discovered this place where I could get clothes from, within the scale of decent to insanely cute. Now, what you are about to see might shock you, for the top I am wearing costs only P100 (more or less $2)!

And because of this, I dub thee my secret store of affordable finds! Their stuff are overruns, but if you're just patient with checking, you're bound to find some hidden gems (plus, overruns don't necessarily mean they're defective; some are just overproduced product: read: surplus)--same goes for thrift shopping. It really is a hit-and-miss sort of thing. You'll have bad days, and you'll have lucky ones.

What I love about this top is that it's lightweight, it's in blush pink, and it has this adorable lace panel on the sides! I'm actually contemplating on whether or not I should get it in other colors too (brown and gray).

Top (surplus); Celine pants; Chick Flick shoes (get a 30% shoe discount! Enter: STYLESURGERYFORCHICKFLICK)
Necklace from St. James Bazaar
Tomato watch; Style Scene two-toned ring; Anagon Collection round ring

This outfit was perfect for that day because as much as I love prancing around in skirts and not having to bear with the uneasiness of the heat, some days I'm just not in the mood to play hold-your-skirt-down with the wind especially when walking (slash-slightly running) along the long street of Pioneer. Heh. This was one of those days... and yes, I encountered one of those winds. Quite a lot. Thankful I chose pants.

What's your recent fashion bargain? 
♥ Megann

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  1. I love the top and your shoes!! :D

  2. love this look! fave ko to bagay sayo off shoulders ;)

  3. Replies
    1. You can get it at! They ship international :)

  4. Such a great find! Share naman where you got it from! Hehehe.

  5. you really pulled them off well.. price really doesn't matter.. :)


    1. I believe so too! Which is why I'm always happy whenever I score finds like this because it just goes to show that fashion is affordable too ;)


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