Cupcake Style Challenge: Jack Daniel's

Just this week I received a box of Little Louie's Cupcakes so I could finally try the mouthwatering sweet treats!   Not only were they ...

Just this week I received a box of Little Louie's Cupcakes so I could finally try the mouthwatering sweet treats! Not only were they sent to me to try, but also because Jes (LLC's owner) had a style challenge for me -- to come up with outfits inspired by the cupcake flavors! Interesting, right? Honestly, I've never been one to take an obsession with sweets as most people appear to be. I can live without chocolate, I suppose. But of course, I couldn't pass up on these cupcakes because they looked too darn yummy! I got to try their Jack Daniel's cupcake, the Salted Caramel and their newest flavor, Caramel Oreo!

So for my first style challenge, this look was inspired by the JACK DANIEL'S cupcake. My mom's fave!
Baked with Jack Daniel's whiskey, elegantly frosted with Dark Chocolate Ganache and sprinkled with crushed almonds and an edible gold bead.

The chocolate cake is moist enough which makes the flavors really come through, complimented by the crushed almonds with the kick of Jack Daniel's. Don't worry because the JD does not overpower the overall flavor of the cupcake, so it still retains its freshly baked goodness :)

Love the shirt? Get yours now at Herro Hachi :)

FYI, for this style challenge series, I actually took as inspiration not only the physical appearance of the cupcake but also the actual taste. This means that the cupcake may be colored brown, but I won't necessarily be in a brown piece. Hope that made sense :P

Anagon Collection braided chains cross necklace

Just as the Jack Daniel's cupcake's presentation is rebellious with touch of class, it was only right that I took out my Herro Hachi shirt and cut out the sleeves to pair it with my new shorts from The Posh Wardrobe. Posh shorts, indeed! 

The Posh Wardrobe lace matelot shorts; Converse high cut Chuck Taylor

I also styled my black high-cut Chuck Taylor's for this look that surprise element (which for the cupcake is the JD flavor itself). I don't think we come across Chuck Taylor's being styled so often in a lot of local fashion blogs. Most of the time if we're going for an edgy look, it's a Doc Martens or some studded boots, which is why that's the surprise element :)

What do you think? Pretty casual, but very appropriate for my Mondays since I run errands on that day! :) Yes, I wear shirts too! I just usually cut out the sleeves, especially now that it's summer because it's too hot and shirts just don't look right on me. Something about my body proportion, I suppose. But as I always say, work around what you have! Own it! :)

Mauve green bangle; Tomato black beaded bracelet & watch; Tanzessories bottlecap ring; Style Scene gold and silver ring

By the way, I already announced this on Twitter and Facebook, but congratulations once again to our Little Louie's Cupcakes week 1 giveaway winner, Cristina Vergara! You will be receiving a box of assorted cupcakes from Little Louie's Cupcakes :) Please check your e-mail for a message from me! For the rest who also joined, don't worry because we have the week 2 giveaway already up! ;)

Order your cupcakes now from Little Louie's Cupcakes via their Facebook page or e-mail at!

♥ Megann

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  1. Great edgy look, I really like the shorts, sucha pretty pattern. and your bottle top ring is really cool
    Daisy Dayz
    My Hub Pages

  2. Wow! So cute that this style's actually inspired from a cupcake!! :) Effortlessly gorgeous, Megann! Miss youuu!


  3. I love your top and your shorts! They're both pretty!
    I love your blog and I'm a new follower!
    If you have time, please do check out my blog The InStyler for awesome fashion and photography stuff. :) thanks!



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