Cupcake Style Challenge: Caramel Oreo

Since we just released the Week 3 Giveaway c/o Little Louie's Cupcakes , I decided to put this up as well. If you've been following/...

Since we just released the Week 3 Giveaway c/o Little Louie's Cupcakes, I decided to put this up as well. If you've been following/reading my blog for a while now, or at least since the start of April, you've probably come across the first Cupcake Style Challenge post I did. Now here's the second flavor that inspired today's outfit!

The Caramel Oreo cupcake is a rich and moist vanilla cupcake frosted with caramel and Golden Oreo infused Swiss Meringue Buttercream finished with edible gold beads.

For something that looks fancy and priced at only P55/piece, it is definitely a treat that's made for everyone! My godson Chino personally loves this and picked this out of the three when I asked him to taste all the flavors sent to me by Little Louie's Cupcakes :) It has the right amount of sweetness without ever letting you get tired of it.

And for this style challenge, I decided to take into consideration the fancy-looking presentation and use it on my look. I whipped out a vintage printed midi skirt which used to be my mom's and tied the front to create a lovely swirl-like effect to mimic the icing on the cupcake. The pleats on the skirt together with the knot I did really achieved the look I was going for.

Bubbles tassel neccklace; SM Accessories belt

I also added some gold and earth tones, which I took as the gold edible beads sprinkled on top of the cupcake. Keeping the accessories minimal because of the heat, and because I was also trying to channel what I said earlier about the cupcake having just the right amount of sweetness; in this case, it's just the right amount of accessories.

I really look funny in the photo above! I just had to put it for a good laugh :P
So-En top; vintage printed midi skirt; Mi Lujuria studded ankle boots
Anagon Collection gold chain bracelet; Tomato black watch; Mauve envelope clutch

Finally, the bigger picture being that the vibe of this look is very sweet and feminine/delicate, is inspired by the cupcake's taste itself. 

Wore this to work! What do you think? :) I have one more cupcake flavor to take inspiration from so keep checking back for an update regarding that.
Meanwhile, I really enjoyed doing these style challenges because I got to be creative (or so I think :P) and challenge myself and my style. So if you have any "style challenge inspired by" suggestions for me, tweet me/send me a message on Facebook/e-mail me at and I'll see what I can do! ;)

Order your cupcakes now from Little Louie's Cupcakes via their Facebook page or e-mail at!

Have a sweet week!
♥ Megann

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