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Wore something quite colorful to work! :) Interesting question I got asked when I wore this a couple of days ago: How do you determi...

Wore something quite colorful to work! :)

Interesting question I got asked when I wore this a couple of days ago: How do you determine which colors go with what? Honestly, I'm no veteran when it comes to wearing colored clothing. In fact, I just recently started wearing more colors this year as part of my 2012 challenge. And what I've learned is that it helps to experiment. With summer easing it's way in, you should take the opportunity that the season is giving you to wear more colors!

Today I'll share with you a few steps on how you can start building up your color-infused outfit. These are just some things I picked up while going through my daily blog reads.

Revlon matte lipstick in Pink Pout (002)

For your first attempt at going colorful, make sure to have a piece or two that's in a neutral tone. This can be shades of brown or grey. It will help balance the look. From an outsider's perspective, this will also give their eyes a "break" especially if you're planning to use loud colors.

For me, this is usually something I really want to wear for that day. This will be the main piece that will draw attention. And what better way to draw attention than wearing this vintage printed orange cropped top, right? Overlaying it with my cream button-down helped me achieve the geeky/preppy look I was going for.

Now that you've got your clothes together, it's time for the fun part--ACCESSORIES! :) Start with one piece of accessory that compliments the color of your key piece. The tone (loudness or softness) of the color will depend on the look you're going for. I was going for something subtle, so I used a lime green necklace.

If your "main" accessory is as colorful as mine, you can match all of your other accessories with it. Just like what I did when I added the green watch, the green charm bracelet, and the other two pink beaded bracelets. I also added the pink belt and used my blush pink flats. Depending on how busy the upper half of your outfit is, you can go bold or minimal on the lower half.

However, if your main accessory isn't as colorful as mine, it helps to see if it has either gold or silver and use that as your unifying element among your accessories instead. Rarely does gold and silver go together, so if you're not ready to make that bold move yet, it's best to pick a side ;)

Une Belle Accessories necklace | Tomato green watch | bracelets (gifts) | orange ring from a random stall in Robinson's Ermita
Levi's sleeveless button-down | vintage printed cropped top | Old Navy gray cotton skirt | The Ramp braided pink belt | Fancy Flats shoes

And that's it! The main thing when going for colors is that you have to take it one at a time :) Don't pile on the colors of the rainbow at one go. The safest way to do it is to go piece-by-piece; start from your wardrobe then proceed to your accessories.

And don't fret! Because this season, COLORS ARE IN! And because it's summer, the brighter the better ;) Have fun mixing and matching. Let me know how it goes! :)

♥ Megann

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  1. experimenting with colors is indeed fun!:) I love it! This look definitely works!:D Your accessories are love, twin!

  2. Definitely love your style, babe! :) Great combination of colors and accessories!! ♥♥



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