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So obviously, I had the song "Brighter Than Sunshine" by Aqualung in my head when I was posting this. I just can't help but me...

So obviously, I had the song "Brighter Than Sunshine" by Aqualung in my head when I was posting this. I just can't help but mentally belt out a song or two that mentions the word "sun". It was probably the only thing in my mind when I was trying to shoot this, haha! Say hello to Manila summer!

I have no complaints about going corporate when it comes to work. It's only appropriate that you do so, especially if you're facing clients. And I have always loved the challenge since I started last December. Well, I did, until March struck and I'm sweating my face off. No, seriously, the sun is really just sumthin' now. So please excuse the following photos because I'll be either looking down or I'll have my eyes closed in most of them. The sun was just being hard on me.

I have a good number of blazers collected and I love how just one piece can instantly add power to any look. But I have to admit that lately it has been difficult to add on this extra layer of clothing, regardless of how light the material is. So the best thing to do is to use other lighter pieces of clothing that you'll cover up anyways with the blazer. You see, this dress has a cut-out back detail which you can witness at this blog post. So I was keeping a secret the whole time -- airconditioned back! Haha you know how we Filipinos have this joke that when the clothes have holes, it's "aircon"?

Also, I wanted to build a look around this really cute H&M necklace I got as a pasalubong from my brother's fiance. I'm going light on accessories this summer too because it's just too much to pack on so much accessories when you'll most likely be packing on sweat. Oh, Canada, this is when I miss you.

Soiree (from SM Department Store) dress | Mike dela Rosa blazer | vintage belt | H&M long necklace | Coco Girl gold cuff with stones | A'postrophe wooden bangle | Tomato watch | Mango bag

So this summer, remember that it's all about going light! Think of it as a fashion diet. You'll benefit from it, trust me! :)

What's your summer fashion diet? ;)

♥ Megann

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  1. I love this! Love your summery photos! :) Fashion Diet...Hmmm something to think about! ;)

    1. Thanks neighbor! :) Okay lang yung food na diet eh. 'Di naman conscious. Mas conscious sa weather! Haha ;)

  2. megann! love the finish of the shots and the coral tones of your outfit. ganda lang!

    i would agree with you on fashion diet! cutting down on my spending to save up for other things this summer :)


    1. Thanks Eden! Looking forward to meeting you at BU3 :) And yes, to save up for other things this summer... like out of town trips! Yay! :)

  3. Lovely look, Megann! :)


  4. I love love love the blazer! Pati yung dress, bagay yung color sayo! And I love your hair :)


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