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I believe I already revealed my magic photographer in one of my previous posts, but if you don't know it yet, it's my dad. Hee!  ...

I believe I already revealed my magic photographer in one of my previous posts, but if you don't know it yet, it's my dad. Hee! I guess the next question to answer is: "Where do you usually take your photos?" Personally, I don't go around much for that because I find that there's always going to be small corners that would be perfect for those... sometimes, not even too far from home :) This little area is a perfect example!

Soul Sister Clothing sheer button-down; Anti-Fashion Manila cropped lace top; Playful Fabrics floral skirt

Don't you just find it interesting that the background sort of contrasts with the vibe of the outfit? Edgy background meets girly outfit! It's a great way to emphasize a look!

Anti-Fashion Manila lace cropped top | Fancy Flats bow tie flats

And while I was post-processing the photos, I was actually thinking about shooting more in this little area. Maybe I should take a little break from the garden backgrounds?

Check out another one of my purchases from Mauve! I've been wanting to get an envelope clutch because it's handy and chic. So glad they had it on sale! I think there's one more left as well as other items on sale right now, so go see for yourself :)

The Ramp braided belt; Tomato watch; Anagon Collection floral ring; SM Accessories ring; Mauve envelope clutch

OOH, and don't you just love the pink sheer button-down from Soul Sister Clothing? They have a great selection of affordable fashion pieces :) I actually have an ongoing giveaway and you have the chance to win clothes from them! Just click this link to see the mechanics. It's really easy to join ;)

♥ Megann

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  1. I love the color combinations :))


  2. Such a sweet look, perfect din there sa background! ♥ Your style's pretty, Megann! See you and hangout soon! :)


  3. I am in love with everything! The sweet and dainty look! One of my faves!

  4. cute flats!

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  5. This outfit is absolutely incredible! I love the sweetness of it :) x


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