Krispy Kreme Opening at Alabang Town Center

Krispy Kreme just painted the Town red--err--green (and with sugar !) when they opened their first branch in Alabang in celebration of their...

Krispy Kreme just painted the Town red--err--green (and with sugar!) when they opened their first branch in Alabang in celebration of their 75th year anniversary. It was an afternoon filled with sweet doughnuts and sweet people. I was contacted by Ana the same morning about this event and I luckily live around the area so I was game to go. Hooray for south people and rare bloggers events in the south! 


I may not have the case of the sweet tooth often, but I do enjoy indulging in Krispy Kreme's original glazed doughnuts every once in a while. And the fact that I got to design my own doughnut made this experience even more fun.

Step 1: Put the Krispy Kreme hat and gloves on

Step 2: Get one fresh Original Glazed doughnut and smile ;)

Step 3: Dip the doughnut halfway or not past the white line on the doughnut

Step 4: Shake it 10x to remove excess (optional: position your left hand in a maarte way like so :p)
Step 5: Decorate as you wish! I had cookies and cream on mine :)

Thank you to the team leader, Ms. Nica, for letting us experience designing our doughnut :)

Krissy, Ed, Ava and her family were there too! Krispy Kreme is definitely heaven on earth for a chill Saturday afternoon with friends and family. Too bad they had to leave early to catch the shuttle! :(

Ava and I are forever twins! For a sweet event like this, it was only right that we dressed in sweet colors! Summer is here!

Ana and I decided to stay for a while and enjoy the scent of freshly baked doughnuts and heated caramel icing/dip. We were also served with these yummy Krispy Kreme Pull Aparts--which was exactly what we needed to take a break from the sugar intake. Wow, that sounded like a line from a bad rap song. 

Of course, the Krispy Kreme afternoon wouldn't have been complete without their coffee to compliment the snacks. You can have these served either hot or cold. Ana and I got the Caramel Latte cold--perfect for summer!

I'm so glad that Alabang Town Center is really expanding in terms of store variety, without losing its signature chill vibe. 

Krispy Kreme is open from 7am to 11pm
Located at the far end of Corte delas Palmas' new wing (near Makati Supermarket side)

Thank you so much to Krispy Kreme Alabang for having us and for the tasty box of original glazed doughnuts and the super cute "surprise mug"! :)

♥ Megann

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  1. Yumm! That was fun!!! :) And cute caption, too. :)


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