Get your summer sunnies out!

I just wrote a blog post but apparently it didn’t go through when I tried to save it, so I have to re-type this again. Whew! :(  As I was ...

I just wrote a blog post but apparently it didn’t go through when I tried to save it, so I have to re-type this again. Whew! :( 

As I was saying, it’s definitely crazy how we are already into the third month of 2012. But what’s even crazier is the fact that Manila is already blazing and it is only the first of March. I just can’t imagine how it will be when it’s already the peak of summer (April-ish). I really do need to stock up on lighter fabrics and looser pieces, especially since I commute almost every day.

Blazer: Chick Flick collection | Blush pink top: So-En | Printed tube top (used as skirt): random from mall | Bag: Danier | Shoes: from Cebu | Belt: YRYS

Still, at least I get to challenge myself to dress up more appropriately for the season: colorful pieces, let’s do this! And as a “first of summer” sort of look, I went light and bright with a blush pink top paired with a dress top I used as a skirt. I love transforming tops into bottoms, if you’ve noticed! :)

It’s one of my go-to tricks when I want more pieces without spending on anything. Fashion is so versatile that you can use a piece of clothing as something else—even when it wasn’t initially intended for that purpose! Just think of all the possibilities and try it. If it works, voila! If it fails, at least you tried. 

And to top off this look, I went for my favorite Chick Flick blazer! I really love the material plus it gives that polished look without looking too old. 

White sunnies: Bench

Of course I couldn’t welcome summer without this pretty pair of new white sunnies from Bench! White sunglasses are definitely fit for summer. Plus, the fact that it’s sort of rounded just gives a very vintage/mod vibe :) 

Wrap bracelet: gift | Red & orange round rings: SM Accessories | Route 55 ring: Une Belle Accessories | White strapped watch: Tomato | Beaded bracelet: gift from Davao

Check out the super cute tan and gold bracelet! R got it for me during one of his trips to Davao. Locally made! How awesome is that?! :)

Summer really is starting to kick in, so don’t forget to drink lots of water to avoid dehydration! 

How are you preparing for summer? :)

 ♥ Megann 
Oh, before I forget, watch out for another giveaway coming to you soon!!! :)

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  1. I love the blazer! it goes perfectly well with the print of your skirt!

  2. i'm really loving that color on you. so fabulous, bright and fierce :)
    xo TJ

  3. great look, love your jacket! thank you for sweet comment :)
    would you like to follow each other?


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