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Graduating not too long ago (October 2011), I still remember clearly how it felt like to be a college student. The classes seemed to take fo...

Graduating not too long ago (October 2011), I still remember clearly how it felt like to be a college student. The classes seemed to take forever to finish, waking up was always such a pain, and sleep was almost always deprived. Needless to say, college gave me so much lessons and experiences that at the end of the week, or at least at the end of a huge challenge, I felt it was only proper to celebrate a little. After all, I did deserve that pat on the back.

And I guess, putting it in perspective, the biggest "pat on the back" you can receive after all the hard work is finally being able to call yourself a graduate. It's a title that's both rewarding and nerve-wrecking. It means you've finally reached that finish line and you're on to start another race. It's sort of a pre-"welcome to the real world" type of thing.

Check out this amazing statement ring! It's handmade and absolutely an eye-catcher! Thank you to Chico of Chic Accents for sending this over! ♥
Top: gift | Shorts: DIY (used to be pants) | Necklace: Bubbles | Bangles: Anagon Collection | Statement ring: Chic Accents | Boots: Mi Lujuria

And in celebration of this pre-welcoming to the real world for one of my high school girl friends, Alyssa, we all pulled up to Sky Lounge at W Building in The Fort. In love with the place by the way! Congratulations for graduating, bebeh! Even more, for earning a degree in FINANCE! Patience in Math takes a lot!

So for all of you who are still in college, just hang in there! I know at times, you'll feel like you can't give any more. But really, you just have to pause for a while, take a deep breath and reward yourself--may it be a small purchase from your favorite online shop, or an Iced White Chocolate Mocha to-go, or a trip to the spa. In the end, remember that hard work is only half of it. You'll need to take a break in order to survive and see the amazing fruits of your labor :)

Some more of my cousins are arriving in Manila tomorrow for the wedding on the 18th, so this is really exciting! Can't wait to see them :) Hope you all have a sweet weekend!!!

♥ Megann

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  1. cool ring..i love your top and necklace megann :)

  2. Happy Valentines graduate!! Hahaha! Hope to see you soon! ♥

    PS-- bet na bet ko ang profile photo mo 'te! I looove the hairrr!

    1. Happy Valentine's to the girl with the sweetest name! ♥ Haha sana nga SOON na talaga! ;)

      Thanks! Idol ko hair mo eh. So bouncy & fresh ;)


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