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Top : Levi's | Skirt : Anti-Fashion Manila | Bag : Chick Flick | Shoes : bought in Cebu  | Necklace : Island Girl | Polish : Etu...

Top: Levi's | Skirt: Anti-Fashion Manila | Bag: Chick Flick | Shoes: bought in Cebu | Necklace: Island Girl | Polish: Etude House | Chili ring & chain bracelet: Anagon Collection | Bottlecap ring: Tanzessories ByEntcyclers

I read a tweet from a Zobel batchmate that there was this guy who rented the whole Enchanted Kingdom (a local theme park) just to ask a girl to prom. WITH MATCHING FIREWORKS. Can I just say--I haven't gotten over this tweet up until now! It is so insane and absolutely romantic! I was never asked to prom, so I swoon over moments and stories like this. Needless to say, I enjoyed prom because of my friends.

Now I'm wondering the same thing as everyone else... what will he do as a wedding proposal? It's nice to know there are still guys who make such a grand gesture or even think/plan out how they will ask a girl out (may it be prom, a first date, to be his girlfriend, or to be his wife). Sweet, no?
Anyway, I would like to thank everyone who joined my blog anniversary giveaway! I wasn't even really expecting that much responses, but the numbers exceeded my goal so yay! I will be announcing the winner probably tomorrow as I will still go through each entry today :) So while you're waiting, do browse around my site for a bit or hype my looks on! :P

Megann ♥

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