Polished with an edge

How could I have  almost  forgotten about this look ?! It's one of my favorites because it's subtle and yet striking. I really can&#...

How could I have almost forgotten about this look?! It's one of my favorites because it's subtle and yet striking. I really can't explain, but it might be the colors or the whole look itself. It's a mix of girly and edgy (or "polished with an edge" is how I would put it), which are words I believe best describe my style.

Top: Mossimo | Skirt: Old Navy | Blazer: Mike Dela Rosa | Boots: Mi Lujuria | Brown leather cuff: Anagon Collection | Wooden bangle: A'postrophe | Pink beads: gift | Necklace: from a random stall in Quezon province

Tidbit: I love braiding my hair!
I have a frustration with having the side of my head shaved/cutting my hair really short :( I really wanna cut it but I'm not allowed to. Which is why sometimes I try to have variations with my hairstyle just so I wouldn't be too bored. Thinking if I should start doing quick tutorials (e.g. 5 different braiding techniques, etc). But I'll probably be doing more of braids though, haha. I swear, I never thought there are so many kinds! :P Thoughts?

Oh and while I was at the mall, I managed to spot this really adorable Blackberry case and I just had to buy it! It was only for PhP 200, by the way, from a random stall. Just in time because I thought I had lost my Blackberry's holster (apparently not, though) :)
♥ Megann

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