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Who says work and fun don't mix? When it comes to dressing up, it's all about knowing your stand! Whether this is for school o...

Who says work and fun don't mix? When it comes to dressing up, it's all about knowing your stand! Whether this is for school or for work, the range of fashion innovations and revivals (from eras back) we have now give us options to work with. We should be thankful and definitely take advantage of this era where people are becoming very experimental with their style and more and more are opening their minds to these different styles.

But before diving head first into experimenting with your style when dressing up, there are a few things to consider.

1. Know the rules
Regardless of where you are going, certain places such as schools and offices have dress codes you'll have to abide by. Even some events are specific with what the guests need to wear. It's always better to follow than to fall out. You wouldn't want to be kicked out, right?

2. Know the place
This is different from knowing the rules because knowing the place means familiarizing yourself with the area you will be going to. If you're clueless about the situation there, do some research! Is the place hard to walk on? Or does it have an even surface? Is it going to be hot in that place?

3. Know the to-do
Why are you going there in the first place? Are you there to run errands or simply spend a quiet afternoon with your friend? Knowing your to-do list will help you decide which clothes would be most appropriate. You'll be surprised that there are clothes that can offer you comfort without sacrificing fashion style! You just have to know where to look and on what pieces to invest your money on.

4. Know the duration
How long will you be at the place? Will you be jumping from one place to another? It might be helpful to bring a pair of flats if you plan on wearing heels. There are lots of rollable/foldable flats available now, so that will be very practical for someone who's always on-the-go but doesn't want to carry around an extra paperbag for his/her shoes! This one, I still actually have to get for myself.

5. Find your style
Lastly, FIND YOUR STYLE. Among all the knowing and learning, don't ever lose yourself or your personality. Some people already know what their style is and can quickly decide on pieces to pick from the closet. If you're still confused, find pieces you're comfortable wearing. It also helps to match it with your mood, or use the clothes to change your mood (especially when you're not having such a good day). Find your style within the rules. There's always a way to compromise!

Blazer: vintage | Pink sleeveless top: So-En | Floral skort: from an online shop (I forgot!) | Belt: Loalde | Layered chain necklace: Freeway | YSL arty ring-inspired: from Mar | Wire rings & Pink feather earrings: Anagon Collection | Shoes: Charles & Keith

These are only a few tips I can share with you with regards to dressing appropriately and prepared. The outfit above is something I wore to work. The blazer adds a more structured, serious and polished touch to what otherwise would have been a very casual, chic and girly look! Adding contrast by using light and dark colors together makes for a youthful and sophisticated mix.

I hope I was able to share with you information that is of value. Let me know if you have other questions! :) I'd love to help you out!

♥ Megann

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  1. Big big help! And it all makes sense. Kudos for this post Megann :)


  2. I agree with Ana!
    And this is good not only for girls but also for guys (since alot of us are into fashion nowadays now).



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