Two-toned Slasher

Lulu Castagnette  sheer polo; Anti-Fashion bandage skirt; Chick Flick  two-tone bag; Tomato  bangles set; Anagon Collection  braide...

Lulu Castagnette sheer polo; Anti-Fashion bandage skirt; Chick Flick two-tone bag; Tomato bangles set; Anagon Collection braided cross necklace

In this day and age, many of today's youth are branching out in terms of their career. There are those that pursue their passion regardless of what they finished, while there are those who maintain their passion on the side of what they do. I forgot where I got the term from, but they are called "slashers" -- no, that does not mean anything emo at all. It goes something like this: e.g. I am a writer/photographer/marketing consultant/freelance graphic artist -- so you're more than one thing and you use "slash" (/).

And so, I guess in a way I am like that too. I am more than one thing and it just so happens that they all blend well together. Two-toned, if you will (much like my bag right there haha). At least, that's what I think.

And so if I were to relate this to a fashion trend, this slasher thing would be color-blocking (or maybe even print on print!) -- sometimes it's a mix of vibrant colors, sometimes it's subtle; sometimes it's unusual, sometimes it's safe. But all in all, the main thing is, you wear what you like and you carry it with confidence. Putting this in perspective, it's when you're being more than one thing and you believe in what you are. Belief carries confidence and confidence carries the style. ;)

So be whatever style you want to be, whether two-toned or more. Don't be afraid to explore because experience is the best teacher. But also, make informed decisions; don't act on impulse especially if it will have a great impact in your life. :)

Hope I made sense. Have a great week!
Megann ♥

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  1. love the red and black!:) the bag is pretty!:)

    1. Thanks twin! Check mo ChickFlick! They have it in other colors too :D


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