Inside My Head, It's Different

Top : Chick Flick | Skirt : Playful Fabrics | Blazer : Mike Dela Rosa | Necklace : random  | Shoes : Fancy Flats | Rings : Tanzessor...

Top: Chick Flick | Skirt: Playful Fabrics | Blazer: Mike Dela Rosa | Necklace: random | Shoes: Fancy Flats | Rings: Tanzessories ByEntcyclers, Chic Accents & Anagon Collection

In reality, I'm quiet and think aloud in my head. So everyday to me is a dream.

Yes, I will always and forever be a writer. The things that go on inside my head knows no bounds; I am nothing but thoughts made into a person. Seriously.

Anyway, back to "normal" talking... I love this new top I got from Chick Flick on Multiply! I swear, Multiply's new Marketplace just makes shopping so much easier. I snagged like a lot of things from Chick Flick in just one go and it was delivered immediately! Convenient and fast! What do you think about this print-on-print? It's just as random as what I said above. ;)

By the way, if you liked that Oreo ring above, you have the chance to win one too if you join the giveaway! Accessories from Chic Accents and Anagon Collection are up for grabs too, so join now because it's only until February 6, 2012. ;)
Megann ♥

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