CEBU 2012: Viva Pit Senyor!

I can't say much about travelling because I don't have enough experience. Besides the trips I've taken with my family, -- during...

I can't say much about travelling because I don't have enough experience. Besides the trips I've taken with my family, -- during which I was not very involved with the planning -- I really am not an authority in this department. So when I knew I was booked and set for Cebu just in time for the Sinulog Festival 2012, I was beyond excited and really, such a noob. But I didn't care because I've always had fun exploring local destinations (whether tourist or non-commercial ones). I'm sure we all have dreams of travelling to all these fantastic destinations abroad, but I think we should all come to realize how good we have it here in the Philippines. Explore what's around you, before you stray too far away. To be honest, I am only beginning to realize this. But I'll stop myself right here before I begin breaking down my travels in the past. Right now, IT'S ALL ABOUT CEBU, BABY!

I was set to leave Manila last January 14, the day before the grand festival. I didn't have much time to pack prior to my scheduled departure, so I packed so light that my luggage wasn't even half of the weight limit! I've always been an over-packer, by the way, so this came as a shock to me. Still, I knew this trip was meant for me to explore so it was only right that I dressed for the part -- as laid back as possible.

My first step on Cebu grounds was very surreal. I have never traveled via plane with friends before, so going out of Manila this far without family was new and exciting! I love travelling with my family, but there's also a different love for when I travel with friends.

My stay in Cebu involved a lot of EATING. May it be in restaurants or a corner ihawan, I was ready to try the food. Matia's was the first place I was able to go to after a busy day of working (yes, I brought work along with me for a day). I was stuffed with their grilled chicken, chorizo, and 2 servings of puso (their rice). It was unbelievably cheap!

My craving for Thai food also decided to tag along and Royal Krua Thai showed itself to us just in time, while we were strolling around SM City Cebu. With the number of people in Cebu City around that time, it was no surprise that we had to wait in line to try this restaurant. The wait was worth it because the food was absolutely good! And, well, seriously... how can you resist such a beautiful interior?

The first day ended with a happy tummy! I looked forward to seeing more places and experiencing the Festival itself the following day. I knew it was going to be tiring, but I was eager nonetheless!

My second day holds more pictures and stories, so I'll leave that for another post.

This year, I really hope to travel more! This shall be the first of many travels for this year! It's always so exciting to know you're bound to discover a lot of things. Experience teaches you so much!

So, were you in Cebu for Sinulog, too? :)

Megann ♥

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  1. I've only been to Cebu once, but my mom has been going to Cebu for the past few years. This year was no exception and she was in Cebu for Sinulog.. :) Too bad I wasn't able to join. I'll be traveling to Cebu mid this year though. Hopefully I get to have a taste of backpacking 'cause I'm also quite an over-packer.. XD

    PS: Your panda hoodie is so cute! :D

    1. Aww, that's sad! But I'm excited for your trip to Cebu! Will you be travelling with your mom/family or friends? :)

      As for backpacking, well, I go on hikes and camping and trips like that so I guess I've had good training now. Haha but it's sort of different when you know you'll be staying in a cozy hotel and you won't really rough it out (guess that's the reason for over-packing?)

      The hoodie is from Happy Hoodies BTW :)

  2. Weee! Great time for Sinulog festival. I wasn't there for the event but I'm going to Cebu this February. It would also be my first time. Weee. I'm hoping to see more pictures of you from Cebu. :)

    1. Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy your trip this Feb! :) I really hope I can go back to Cebu this year. I want to see more of the place. 3 days to explore just isn't enough! :P


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