CEBU 2012: Viva Pit Senyor! Day 2-Part 1

My second day in Cebu was the most-awaited part of my trip because it held the reason why I wanted to go to Cebu in the first place. Of cou...

My second day in Cebu was the most-awaited part of my trip because it held the reason why I wanted to go to Cebu in the first place. Of course, besides seeing R again (he works in Cebu), I was most excited about the actual Sinulog Festival!!

The festival is heavily rooted in rich history and religion, which is why going to Basilica Del Sto. Nino in Cebu City was first on the list of to-do's. You can read about its history here.

Even during the morning, the streets were already heavily populated, which led us to being dropped off by the taxi at the nearest possible point; and from thereon, we started walking to the church. It was a pretty long walk, but thank goodness we were able to buy a good pair of cheap sun glasses and this festive straw hat! A lot of people were actually wearing this that day. I'm not really sure, but it must have something to do with Sto. Nino -- correct me if I'm wrong, of course.

This long morning walk would also explain why I would appear to have darker legs in my coming outfit posts (in ones where I'm wearing a skirt or a pair of shorts). Well, this, and the fact that the color of my legs still hasn't recovered from my stay in the dragonboat team. Hehe 

We barely understood bisaya, so I'm thankful R was around to guide us (but I do remember the lady from the airport asking me if I spoke bisaya because I understood what the man helping me with my luggage during my check-in said, and I said no. I just understood some because of R).

Before even coming to Cebu, I already heard of the phrase "Pit Senyor!" from a couple of friends who had gone to last year's Sinulog. Thing is, I didn't know exactly what it meant. So when I got here and heard practically everyone rejoicing, "Viva Pit Senyor!", I just had to get an answer as to what it meant.

As I joined the crowd in praising, I learned that "Pit Senyor" meant something like feast of Sto. Nino -- this came from a local that we asked. So, "Viva Pit Senyor" would mean something like Long live Sto. Nino

Well, indeed, it was a beautiful sight to see -- the people gathering together, bearing the heat of the sun and the unbelievably stuffed streets, to join in celebration! Yes, this trip was more than just sight seeing. It was understanding and exploring another part of my beloved country. :) This morning was definitely a great start to my second day in Cebu!

More about my second day in another post. I'm trying to avoid photo dumping in one post because I really want to talk about the trip and what happened.

If you missed out on my first post about my Cebu trip, you can check it out here. ;)

Oh, before I forget, Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I WANT TIKOY! Heehee!

Megann ♥

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  1. hey megann, you should meet up with us Cebu bloggers next time! hope you had a great time in cebu!

    1. Eden! I definitely had a great time and I can't wait to go back :) I'll let you know when I'm coming back. Hope to meet the Cebu bloggers! ♥


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