CEBU 2012: Viva Pit Senyor! Day 2-Part 2

Before I begin with the actual point of this post, just wanted to share that I'm finally on! :) Hope you could drop by and ...

Before I begin with the actual point of this post, just wanted to share that I'm finally on! :) Hope you could drop by and check my first post there. That's it! On to the story! :)


After attending the mass and visiting Magellan's Cross, we went around for a bit and found this little fella. I knew I just had to have him!

This reminded me so much of the Octopus ring I got from Une Belle accessories! It's just too adorable to resist. And yes, I did take this home! Imagine me walking around with this. Hahaha it was funny but yeah. ;)

And as it was a day of celebrating, many joined in on the fun. We happened to pass by these two individuals who were just dancing in the middle of the road. How cute! :P

It was fun to watch, and so was the parade itself. We didn't see much of what happened during the parade since it was absolutely impossible to given the number of people that filled up the streets. Still, catching a glimpse of such well-dressed participants was good enough for me! One even posed when I was taking a random photo of him. Hello there!

After a tiring afternoon, we went back to the hotel to rest a bit and prepare for what was about to go down that evening -- PARTY AT BASELINE! :) According to some party-goers (a.k.a. some of our friends who went there early HAHA), the thing started as early as 2PM and by 5PM, when we had just arrived, there were already some people ready to go home. It was pretty crazy, but it was definitely one for the books!

I'm really thrilled to have shared this experience with my lovely friends! The street was packed and the people were soaked. You might be wondering... that's paint all over our faces! Well, this was a great night to cap off my weekend in Cebu. :)

I don't have any photos to share from my third day as most of them are print outs from the Sky Walk in Crown Regency Hotel. But one thing's for certain, I OVERCAME MY FEAR OF HEIGHTS!!! Ah!!!

Looking forward to going back to Cebu again--hoping that that will be this year too!

So for those of you who had gone to Cebu that weekend, were you at Fuente or Baseline too? How was it for you? :)

Megann ♥

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  1. Weee! I love the photos dear! Unfortunately, I wasn't there that time. :3

  2. oh goodness, these images are just so perfect. and i love that little balloon, i would want it too!
    and congratulations on your first lookbook, yay!
    xo TJ


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