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To be honest, I've never gone thrifting  before. I guess I never knew where the really good ones are, plus, I've never had the time ...

To be honest, I've never gone thrifting before. I guess I never knew where the really good ones are, plus, I've never had the time to spare. I'm always on-the-go. I would, however, love to experience thrift shopping some time! I remember making plans with my thesismate, Sam (since she always does that), but they never pushed through. Luckily, given that Multiply has now transformed into a haven for online entrepreneurs, it's much easier to have access to thrifted goods! One of my favorite go-to online shops that sells thrifted finds is THRIFT TO UK. (See me wearing their stuff!)

Owned by the amazing thrift duo, Cheyenne and Nicole, Thrift to UK gives you top-of-the-line thrifted finds. Personally, I'm very picky with what I buy online (especially when you know it's thrifted/second hand) because I still want my purchases to be worth it.

I honestly don't know how they do it, but the Thrift to UK girls know exactly where to look and what to look for. Take these for example:

Think of us as expert ukay “pickers” who are on the lookout for fresh and fashionable thrift finds. We bring you the convenience of doing ukay shopping without leaving the comfort of your home. It’s ukay made easy! All items are carefully sifted with a good eye from piles and piles of choices and are washed and cleaned before delivery--ready for you to use!

So, you won't have to worry because they "make sure that all the items go through a standard process of washing, deodorizing, spraying of antibacterial solutions, and even stain removal if necessary. These are basic precautionary measures that we opt to do ourselves to relieve you from the burden of doing it on your own."

If you liked what you saw above (and if you don't know yet), you have the chance to win that olive military jacket, as well as other stuff from Thrift to UK and other brands by just joining the #StyleSurgeryGiveaway! :)

You can also check out Thrift to UK online on Multiply, Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe to them so you'll know when their collection releases will be, because I swear, it's a riot just to reserve from them! Unahan talaga!

Megann ♥

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