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The first time I tried Kanin Club  was a year ago when my loved ones and I celebrated my and my brother's birthdays. At that moment, I k...

The first time I tried Kanin Club was a year ago when my loved ones and I celebrated my and my brother's birthdays. At that moment, I knew I tasted the best Crispy Pata ever! Fast forward to almost a year later, this December 2011, R and I decided to revisit the restaurant in Westgate, Alabang after we met up at the Bloggers United bazaar.

Of course the name "Kanin Club" already screamed of Filipino cuisine--with kanin, translated "rice" in english, being a staple in any pinoy family's dining table. The wooden make of the interior also gave off a very pinoy vibe to this restaurant. But for this visit, instead of the Crispy Pata I just boasted about, we decided to try something different so we could get a better "feel" of the restaurant...and also because we like doing that--trying out different dishes.

For our appetizer, we went with this mushroom dish (I forgot the name :\). R liked it. But personally, I think I would prefer the mushrooms to be sliced. I found it too much for one "bite". Plus I felt the taste was a bit bland/lacking in an extra kick.

Then the main course was composed of Crispy Tadyang and Lemon Chicken.

The Crispy Tadyang is a crunchy and lightly seasoned beef spare ribs served with three dipping sauces. PhP 313.00

Lemon Chicken,  on the other hand, is choice chicken portions, fried then coated in sweet and tangy lemon sauce. PhP 224.00

I loved both dishes! Was hoping the serving size was a bit bigger though. I wanted more! They tasted differently from each other, which gives our taste buds variations. I think those two were good picks for the night. Made up for our dismay with the mushroom dish.

Bottom line, we enjoyed our dinner and would rate the experience as 8/10. That's probably less than what I would have given the restaurant last year, but that's because we also ate different dishes. So it's nice to be able to taste other things from the restaurants too rather than just being save. If you ask me if I'll come back? Yes, I definitely will. I'm looking forward to exploring other dishes! I heard the Crispy Dinuguan is really good. I love Dinuguan so that's definitely on the list of dishes to try! :)

Hope you're all filled with good food and good vibes this weekend!

In the club,
Megann ♥

We went to a different place for our dessert, which I leave out for another blog post in order to keep this post for its purpose. :)

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  1. I've been wanting to try eating at Kanin Club for some time now, but Makati is a little far from my place. Anyway, the serving nga looks a little small for the price. But I'll still give it a try though. Sometimes, the taste can rationalize the pricey small portion.. ^^ Will probably order the Crispy Pata you raved about.. :)

  2. ooooh if i rave about yabu, this sounds good as well!:) can't wait to try!

  3. @ Sumi: Where do you live? I looked it up and they have branches in
    "1. Paseo de Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa, LAGUNA.
    2. Westgate, Alabang, MUNTINLUPA.
    3. UP-AyalaLand Technohub, Commonwealth Ave., QUEZON CITY
    4. Ayala Triangle Gardens, MAKATI"
    ...and that's from their Facebook! PLUS the one in Westgate, Alabang I just mentioned in this post. Hope they have a branch near you :)

    @ Ava: Heehee try it! They have a branch in Ayala Triangle. :)


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