Fall-ing for the 2011 trend

One of the Fall/Winter 2011 trend I’ve been doubtful to try is androgyny. This is when women dress more “masculine”. And the reason why I’v...

One of the Fall/Winter 2011 trend I’ve been doubtful to try is androgyny. This is when women dress more “masculine”. And the reason why I’ve never been able to try this out is because 1) I over-think the trend and worry about looking like a boy, which, ironically, is the point; and 2) I don’t have the clothes to pull it off—or at least, I thought I didn’t.

So the day before Bloggers United 2, I already knew I was going to use this beautiful rust-colored blazer (rust also happens to be a F/W 2011 trend). The only question was, what would the rest of my outfit be? It was a choice between a flowy below-the-knee skirt and a high-waist cropped pants; both will give totally different vibes.

I found that using the skirt would be a safer choice. So since I was feeling “risky” that day, I opted for the second. And now that I think about it, besides falling under androgyny, this also gives off that “band geek” vibe sans the gold button details on the blazer. I wanted to keep the focus on the beautiful blazer, so I opted for fewer accessories than usual (and used ones that complemented the color of the blazer).

Mike dela Rosa blazer, Levi's sleeveless button down, Trousers, Bought online bag, Charles & Keith shoes
Freeway necklace, St. James Bazaar necklace
Arty inspired ring, Anagon Collection rose ring, Style Scene silver and gold ring, Tomato black strapped watch

Thoughts? :)

What F/W 2011 trend (or previous season trends) were you iffy to try at first but found out you’ve got a liking for?

If I were a boy (haha),
Megann ♥

PS. I just read/saw the sweetest thing on the internet the other day. I don't think I've made much of a name for myself (yet), so it came as a surprise to me when Lilli Abatayo recognized me and asked to take a photo with me. My heart just melted! This is the first time for me, so pardon my excitement. Head on over to her blog to read about her Bloggers United 2 experience. :)

Thanks, Lilli! Hope you had a great time and congrats for winning the giveaway!! :)

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  1. AWESOME. wala na ko masabi. haha. one of my favorite from your outfits.
    ♥ Maria

  2. You have a great sense of style. I love that color on you. And those rings are darling.

  3. I'm so loving your blazer! :) Love how you styled your whole outfit here.. ^^

  4. ayiiiieee!!!!!!thank you po ms. megann..hehe
    nakakataba pala ng puso ang ma mention sa blog ng mga fav. bloggers ko..hehe..thank you po talaga..(tagalog talga hehe..)

    anyweiz i love your blazer and bag!!!:)

  5. holy smokes, love the ensemble! beautiful blazer!

  6. I am honestly in-love with the androgenous look. I love the play of the hard and soft. It gives it an edgy feel lacking in most put together outfit.

  7. @ Maria: That's great to hear! One of my faves too haha. So happy I went with this. :p

    @ "Life Happens": Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Just made my night to know you find that I have a "great sense of style" :)

    @ Sumi: Aww, thanks Sumi! :)

    @ Lilli: Haha syempre naman! Buti naman at na-enjoy mo. Buti nalang nagkita tayo! :)

    @ Kendra: Oh thank you so much! :)

    @ Macherie: Well said! Thank you so much! :)

    @ Nix: Aww, thanks!! :)

  8. Omg! Androgyny at its best!
    Dressing masculine is one of my favorites!
    It's like being sexy in a subtle way!
    I love everything about this outfit :)

    xx à la mode

  9. @ "Vintage Process": Thank you, love! :)

    @ Denise: I do agree. It did make me feel somewhat sexy. :p Definitely trying my hand at this trend again some time soon. :) Thank you!! xx


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