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Remember when I told you about that little trip I took to the Original Levi’s Store in Greenbelt 5 ? I just remembered that I haven’t had th...

Remember when I told you about that little trip I took to the Original Levi’s Store in Greenbelt 5? I just remembered that I haven’t had the chance to wear the Demi Curve ID jeans I got from them and thought it was about time I did. I asked which of the two jeans I showed do you think I picked, right?

levi's demi curve id jeans

Actually, it was none of the above! Hahaha sorry about that, but I thought that’d be thrilling. But just so we’re clear, I was set on buying the lighter jeans with the faded detailing, but then just as I was about to “cash in,” the Levi’s personnel that was assisting me handed me this pair and asked if I might’ve wanted to try it on—and I did. PERFECT FIT. Amazing, really! And absolutely flattering. Thank you, Levi’s PH!

If you’re looking for the perfect jeans, then I suggest you check out the new Levi’s line, the Curve ID Jeans and find out what your ID is! ;)

levi's dirty white button-down polo

I also got this really cute top with the big pocket {and a pair of socks just to make full use of the GC}.

anagon collection body chain {used as necklace}; bubbles necklace
sm accessories bangles; tomato watch in leopard strap {read about: here}
mi lujuria shoes

Last Sunday, I just went to mass during the morning, saw the Pacquiao-Marquez match at home via live streaming with my family, and then went to Palms to do some laps {which I’ve been doing since last week}.

It was expected that the streets of Philippines would be empty last Sunday as the Pacquiao-Marquez match was scheduled that day. I won’t blog about my thoughts on this event anymore as I think I’ve already tweeted about it enough. Congratulations Manny Pacquiao! You have yet again made a name for Filipino athletes as tough competitors.

And since we’re in the topic of Filipino athletes, I’d just like to encourage everyone to show the same enthusiasm we’ve given Manny Pacquiao and divert it now to our athletes who will be competing in the coming SEA Games—they need our support just as much! Being an athlete myself, it really does matter whether or not there are people behind you who are cheering for you. In the words of my good friend, Patty Baun, “Pagpalain ng Diyos ang atletang Pinoy.” (God bless the Filipino athletes.)

♥♥ Megann

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  1. This outfit is simple and stunning! That necklace brings the whole outfit to life.


  2. I love your outfit! So nice!:) I followed you. Hope you follow back and check my blog.


  3. looks great on you! definitely a nice pick! <3

  4. i swear you have the sweetest smile! love the pants!:)

  5. Random, but I heart your belt! And I love the way you wore that chain from Anagon. :D Random again, but Palms! Hey! :)) And congrats with the job offer from your new post!

    x Carla


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