One Bad Night At Omakase

Last Saturday, R and I ate at Omakase in Ayala Triangle after his work. We both loved Omakase since the day we first tried it—I had R try it...

Last Saturday, R and I ate at Omakase in Ayala Triangle after his work. We both loved Omakase since the day we first tried it—I had R try it out about a year ago when I brought him to dinner with my high school friends. Love at first bite, definitely!

By the way, that's correctly spelled. The angle from where I took the photo just cut out the "e" in "cuisine"

But the experience we had this time was very disappointing. Ayala Triangle was packed, as expected, being that it’s Christmas season and everything. They had their usual display of lights and sounds, and their lane of restaurants overflowing with customers. So you basically get the picture, right?

It is very understandable that we’d have to wait in line for a while before we got seated and everything. But it wasn’t the time that was the problem, nor was it exactly the food {except for the Spicy Tuna Salad we ordered}… it was the service. I love Omakase and everything, but that’s the thing—we’ve both eaten in their branches in Alabang, Greenhills and Ayala Triangle and have never experienced any problem since last Saturday.

From the moment we had our name on the waiting list, we both tried our best to keep our composure because the hostess wasn’t smiling at all and seemed quite unapproachable. I’m sure they’re all stressed about the number of people they are trying to accommodate, but at least make sure that you seem approachable. After all, if you aren’t, you won’t have any customers.

Then when we got our order, we noticed the serving size of the Spicy Tuna Salad was smaller than usual—and it didn’t look like it was done in purpose though because the American Dream and California Crunch still looked the same. As we got into eating the Spicy Tuna Salad, we found it rather oilier than usual. The thing was literally like a soup! Of course we didn’t find that out until we reached the bottom, eating at least ¼ of it. So we asked if we could have it changed/replaced, and this female server had the nerve to tell us, “Sir, dapat kanina niyo pa po sinabi.” {Sir, you should have said something earlier.} Keeping my composure, I just said inside my head, “Eh hindi naman namin hinuhukay muna yung ilalim bago namin kainin diba.” {But we don’t dig through the food first before eating, you know?} She said she’ll report the concern {without even smiling or apologizing}, but we never heard back from her. We had to report it again to a different personnel, who was more accommodating and was able to replace our dish.

I’m sorry for ranting about it, but I would just like to receive the quality service that we are paying for. If you’re an employee and you know that it’s peak season, you should already know that you have to prepare yourself for the busy hours ahead. Especially in the food/restaurant industry, you represent the name of the restaurant to thousands of people each day. You don’t know which ones are only trying the place for the first time and which ones are regulars. Especially for the new customers, their first time experience will dictate their decision whether to go back and recommend the place to their friends, and say no and share their bad experience.

Good thing I am a regular and I understand that that might have just been a bad night for everyone. I still love Omakase and would still recommend it to my friends. Hopefully, the next time we return, there won’t be any more problems.

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  1. wow reminds me of the time that I ranted about Athan's halloween at podium. I hate it when big companies do such a thing. Its good you also blogged about it, twin so they'll know better.

  2. Hay... Thanks for the heads up. I don't like bad service talaga, parang mawawala exitement mo kapag ganito.

  3. aaww. this is a bad experience for a good restaurant like omakase. At least i know which branch not to go to!

    btw, thanks for visiting my blog :D

  4. I have never been to this place! Wow, the servers have Sorry to hear about the experience, I hope admins were able to read this coz this sucks!

  5. @ Ava: Yeah. The food might be good, but if the service is bad, parang it just ruins the whole experience. How unfortunate that this had to happen to me in one of my favorite restos.

    @ Sweethestia: True. Might want to try other branches instead if you really want to try Omakase.

    @ Roviedear: I agree. And no problem! Thanks for dropping by Style Surgery too. :)

    @ Macherie: Hope the post will get to them so that they can take necessary steps to improve their service. I was just really caught off guard and just tried to keep my composure.


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