Meg Magazine's Up & Coming: Fashion Bloggers Night

Attended Meg Magazine's Up & Coming: Fashion Bloggers Night, held at KYSS in Makati, which featured Manila's top fashion blogge...

Attended Meg Magazine's Up & Coming: Fashion Bloggers Night, held at KYSS in Makati, which featured Manila's top fashion bloggers, Camille Co and Laureen Uy. During which, they also gave the crowd a teaser of their fashion brands--Coexist by Camille Co and Style Break by Laureen Uy, modelled by fellow fashion bloggers Kryz Uy, Lissa Kahayon and Patricia Prieto. So many big names in one night!

I wore my leopard maxi once again to give my outfit the extra oomph. You've seen this as a dress and as a maxi skirt. And now, to make things more interesting, I transformed it into a mullet skirt! What's that?

This is still a dress, by the way. I just zipped it halfway, tucked in the top part and also pulled up the front of the dress to achieve the mullet style. Secured it with a wide belt to hide the tricks, and voila! ;)

Hmm... maybe I should start a DIY segment for things like this. What do you think?

Played with prints and textures in this number. Finally got to wear my lace top from Calliope that mom bought a couple of months back. I haven't found the perfect occasion to wear this to until last Friday and people really liked it. I also have this in blue and I'm already thinking of how I'll style that one.

And that lovely, statement piece of jewelry right there is an inspired arty ring that I just recently won from Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen's Eight Weeks Of Christmas Giveaway. Isn't it just gorgeous? It can easily transition from classy to edgy and maybe even casual! Let's see how that works. Thank you so much to Marianne for sending this over! :) I am beyond ecstatic to have this as an addition to my ever-growing ring collection!

I'll be sure to wear this a lot together with my outfits in future posts, so don't be surprised if the rock hasn't left my finger. Hee!

Calliope lace top, Rock and Roses leopard maxi dress, SM Accessories bangles, Style Scene gunmetal bracelet, gold & white bracelet and ring, Inspired arty ring

Thank you so much to Meg Magazine and April Ibanez for this night!

Oh, I finally did a little more tweaking and now I feel like this new blog design is slowly coming together. Yay! It's taking me some time, but at least I'm seeing progress!

And lastly, I'll be announcing the winners of my blog giveaway tomorrow night, around 10pm, so join now while you still can! :)

Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. I love that skirt! So fierce! :)

  2. uhm wait, ANG GANDA MO, TWIN!!:) pak na pak!!:) Love the curls!!

  3. Loving the outfit and the layout!
    Ang galing! You wore the dress in three ways :D

  4. great outfit and i love how you styled your maxi skirt. :D love your new layout too.

    <3 Maria

  5. Galing naman nung ginawa mong effect dun sa maxi skirt mo! That's something unique and it's the first time i've seen someone do that actually :) Mullet skirt pala tawag dun? Nice!

  6. Love your outfit! And it's so nice that you made your maxi dress look like a mullet skirt.. Galing! :)


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