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Let's take a quick trip out of the fashion blogging zone as I share with you something that is just as close to my heart--DRAGONBOAT. So...

Let's take a quick trip out of the fashion blogging zone as I share with you something that is just as close to my heart--DRAGONBOAT. Some of you might already know of my involvement with the DLSU Dragonboat Team (DLSU DBT) during my stay in the University, while to some, this might come as a surprise. Eitherway, since it's recruitment week for my ever-loving and passionate team, I thought I'd help them out.

I don't know if a lot of people are interested in this, but I've been asked a few times already, so I thought I'd tell you about my "athletic side"--not that I have one that I consider.

I joined DLSU DBT last June 2010 and I have to admit it has got to be one of the decisions I never saw coming. I joined with no knowledge and no training. It was just out of pure curiosity as I am inclined to trying out sports/activities that seem interesting (e.g. track and field, hiking, ultimate frisbee, tennis, boxing -- yes, I tried it all).

These lovely ladies with me look really nice and sweet, but they're absolute tough cookies during races!

The 5:30 a.m. call time for training was a struggle at first, but after the first two weeks, my body clock just knew when to wake up. I have to admit, it feels absolutely refreshing to paddle in the morning (not because of the water, but because of the people).

I was still a wee bit awkward with acting around my teammates at first though, but it didn't last long since everyone was so approachable. I guess the after-training "Introduce yourself to newbies" session helped a lot. Name, ID number, Course. Clockwise/counter-clockwise.

Pre-race warm up/stretching. Spot me in my bright blue shorts!

Well, I won't lie to you and say that it's all smiles and fun. It's still a team competing in a sport; a water sport. So it definitely entails hardwork and dedication. I didn't know how to feel at first, but the sport kind of grows on you, I guess.

The Camsur International Dragon Boat Festival last October 2010 was my first time to race with the team. I was deemed "ready", which, as a result, had placed my name in the line up for the women's crew.

Months and months of training, until we came to that day. My first dragonboat race.

Count to 4 from the front, that's me. Hehe.

It was thrilling, exhausting, and absolutely memorable! I was told "CamSur races" are always fun, and to have that experience as my first race, I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

Above all, despite the hardships, sweat and blood (literally and figuratively), the most calming feeling is to have the team just be there. One team. One stroke. One animo.

And now, for my readers from CSB and DLSU, I encourage you all to join the DLSU Dragonboat team especially if you're looking for something different to try out. It's not only a team, it's a family. I cannot emphasize enough how much these people will care about their teammates. It's absolutely heart-melting!

For those interested, the sign-up booth is located in Miguel Walk.
You can also text Loye Clamor (09175773176) for more information.

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