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The fabulous women of Gabriel * Martel launched their newest collection, Tocca di Lusso , last Thursday {November 3} at Prive Luxury Club in...

The fabulous women of Gabriel * Martel launched their newest collection, Tocca di Lusso, last Thursday {November 3} at Prive Luxury Club in the Fort Strip. I was fortunate enough to receive an invite to bear witness to the glamour that was to be unveiled that evening.

I’ll talk more about the event on a separate post, but for now, here is what I wore:

Wearing: Top {from Brunei}; Skirt {Anti-Fashion Manila}; Shoes {Charles & Keith}; Bag {Guess}; Watch {Tomato in white strap}; Accessories {Anagon Collection, SM Accessories & Style Scene}

I am really in love with this vintage top that my mom gave me. This one’s definitely older than me as she used this back when she was still living in Brunei {at the time, my brothers were still kids! I didn’t even exist yet!} You already know me and my affinity for oversized tops, but it was really the gorgeous lace detailing in a form of a sailor-like collar and ribbon that got me. It has this Blair Waldorf vibe but more “street style” because of the way it falls like a kimono {as Jonver told me}. The details can be seen more in the photos below.

Spent the night ooh-ing at the bags together with these gorgeous ladies!

Unfortunately, we were asked to surrender our cameras because they didn’t allow “professional”/DSLR cameras inside; apparently, they have “official photographers”. So as we wondered our way in thinking about what we’ll use for our blogs, Keigh saw a familiar face behind the lens—thank goodness for Luther Abcede! Hi Luther! So the photos on this post are all from him. THANK YOU! Check out his Facebook - his works are ah-mazing!

It was great to meet everyone! Congratulations to Gabriel*Martel for a collection so beautiful! I never thought I’d ever be invited to events like this, so I was really surprised. Thank you so much to Gerick Ortiz for inviting me! :) :)

♥♥ Megann

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  1. that outfit is so fabulous girl! you are rockin' it! so gorgeous!
    xo TJ

  2. I love the top you wore, and how you styled your hair, everything just looks extremely perfect. All of the girls were soo pretty and look soo made up, love it! Looks like you had such a great time at this event. - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  3. @ TJ: Thank you so much dear! I love dropping by your blog. :)

    @ Mar: Aww, thank you!! Hope we can bump into each other at one of these events soon. Would love to meet you! :) Thanks for noticing the hair haha!

  4. Oh my, antique este vintage pala yung top mo? Super nice! Loved the whole Anne Curtis-esque aura that night, it was great to meet you. And I was not able to notice the shoes, I love them!!! ~ Kei

  5. @ Kei: Haha hey Christine! ;) It was great to meet you. Better hide Derek from me okay? Haha! Thanks for the shoe compliment! :)


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