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Since R started working, the only time we get to spend together is when he’s in Manila for his once-a-month visit {that still has him workin...

Since R started working, the only time we get to spend together is when he’s in Manila for his once-a-month visit {that still has him working in their office here most of the time}. So during the rare long weekends when he has a day off, as much as possible we try to go out or at least see each other.

And I’m so thankful for today.

After lunch at home with the family, we ran some errands at a nearby mall and then headed up to Tagaytay for early dinner. Leslie’s was the restaurant of choice because of the view overlooking Taal and the food serving sizes… but mostly because of the gorgeous view.

We got there with the sun almost setting; the sky was rather gloomy, but no rain occurred. Still, despite the lack of the beautiful “sunset sky” {of the red-golden wonder}, it was still worth the trip.

We had the Cream of Chicken and Mushroom soup, Grilled Tuna Belly, Calamares and a cup of rice each.

This fit-for-a-family size is only P99 and is certainly filling. We weren’t even able to finish it!

I was quite disappointed with the Grilled Tuna Belly. It was dressed in sauce and crushed roasted garlic, yet it somehow lacked taste and moisture. I found the meat too bland {without the toyo-mansi with sili}.

The Calamares, on the other hand, definitely made up for it! It was fried golden, with the softness of the squid still retained.

The in-house band even dropped by our little “kubo” to perform some songs. A nice complement to the meal!

A special day couldn’t end without dropping by Starbucks for my fix of their Toffee Nut Frappe {since ‘tis the season!}. It was my first time to see the 2012 Starbucks Planner and I actually think it’s their best planner yet! I never collected stickers for their planners, but now I’m thinking about it. I like the simplicity and the handiness. Hmmm… will you be collecting stickers for their planner too?

How was your long weekend? Will post about what I wore, so check back!

♥♥ Megann

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  1. Love your pics with the man, and Leslie's is just one of my favorite places to visit in Tagaytay. You both look so happy! I wish you both the best!
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  2. i religiously collect the stickers for sbux planner! you should get one! also, kakilig naman ang date nyo!

  3. @ Mar: I really like how Leslie's was designed. Even the one in Alabang is cool; it has this castle-like feel because of the cobblestones. :) Thanks dear!

    @ Leizyl: Aww I'm thinking about it! I wasn't into the previous planner designs, but now I think I might just start collecting (for the first time). :p Thank youuu!


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