Buffet Wednesday

It was a buffet Wednesday for me and my girls when we all met up at Palms Country Club to celebrate my and Bianca’s graduation. Bianca is o...

It was a buffet Wednesday for me and my girls when we all met up at Palms Country Club to celebrate my and Bianca’s graduation. Bianca is one of my girl friends since late grade school and we both majored in Communication Arts. We also graduated together last October 15 and have been meaning to treat the ladies out since then, but haven’t had the chance to…until this week.

Luckily, we were able to get the girls together at the last minute, considering those on their sem breaks were going back to school already and those who were on term breaks were already back in school. We were almost complete—hi Sheng, who was out of reach; and Shelley, who lives in Australia but will be visiting soon!

Anyway, as we are all known for being such early birds, we got there and were complete at around 8:30 p.m. giving us 30 minutes to try everything we wanted from the buffet table since the last call was 8:45 and they were to clean out everything around 9 p.m. or so. And yes, devour the buffet, we did! We are such ladies for doing so, by the way.

A sumptuous and absolutely bloating dinner wouldn’t have been complete without an equality sumptuous and bloating catching up that absolutely filled my heart and made me miss these girls so much!

At the end of it, all we could say was that we really were growing older. I mean, two from the group are already graduated and will be heading out to become a part of the work force soon. The rest will be following too, by next year. I can’t believe how quickly college flew by and how much years have passed that we all spent together.

This post is becoming so cheesy. Maybe it’s the holiday breeze, but it’s absolutely crazy to think about how much has happened since we all left Zobel back in 2008. I love great nights like this that gets us together {almost complete} and it feels like high school again.

Hope you all had a wonderful 11/11/11! I didn’t spend it flying lanterns like everyone else, but I did make a wish. May your wishes come true!

♥♥ Megann

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  1. Alam mo sad ako that I didn't get the chance to meet you before I left.. Feeling ko napaka tangkad mo! Paghahandaan ko ang pagkikita naten 'te! Hahahaha!

  2. sometimes i hate reading your blog. the food posts is making me hungry! HAHA!

  3. @ Honey: Ay hindi rin masyado girl! The trick is to look taller than your friends {or have short friends. Chos!} Haha would love to meet you talaga Honey! :) Lalo na after I saw the video with Ana. ;) Sabi ko, "saya naman kasama ni Honey!" Get together tayo ah pag bibisita ka ng Philippines. :)

    @ Liezyl: Hahaha it's so nice to read that since I'm not really a food blogger, so I try to make up for it through photos! :p


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