Black & Blue

x  dress; sheer vest/topper; anagon collection  rose ring; tomato  watch in leopard print strap bubbles  tassel necklace;  sm accesso...

x dress; sheer vest/topper; anagon collection rose ring; tomato watch in leopard print strap
bubbles tassel necklace; sm accessories bangles
michaela bag; mi lujuria flats

Went for a light outfit by wearing a tube dress and topping it with a sheer long vest/topper. Decided to use the bag for a pop of color and the leopard printed flats for a romantic chic look.

Had a quick meeting in the morning and then met R during his lunch break and after work. Sometimes I’d like to think I belong in the Fort. I guess when it comes to work, that would be my ideal place just because I like the feeling of being able to walk around feeling like it’s our own concrete jungle.

I need to sleep early tonight. I have an interview tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of the week!! And I hope to see you at the St. James Bazaar this weekend {again, I will be there on Saturday to support Anagon Collection and Island Girl--read about: here, as well as other entrepreneurs!}

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♥♥ Megann

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  1. Loving the sheer top! :) It looks really nice with the dress. I have a similar dress in white, and I'm not really sure how to style it casually.. >.<

    Anyway, good luck with the interview! :)

  2. @ Sumi: Hi love! Thank you so much! :) Hmmm as for the white tube dress, if you're going for casual, I guess you can top it with a lightweight oversized button-down or a vest. You can also try the white tube dress alone and use more "casual" accessories and flats/wedge heels. ;) If you do use it, take a photo and post about it! Will definitely check it out. :D

  3. I love the top, it looks like a short fringe if Im not mistaken. A look I really love. The sheer top is really pretty too.=)


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