Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So let me share with you this little secret I’ve been keeping. I don’t know if a lot of you know this entertaining lady behind “ The Daybook...

So let me share with you this little secret I’ve been keeping. I don’t know if a lot of you know this entertaining lady behind “The Daybook,” but ever since that first time I read a blog post of hers {some time around last year}, I already got so hooked. Her wittiness reflects well on her blog posts and her sweet {and sometimes funny} stories about Tys/”Husband” is just too adorable to resist.

And now, in true Sydney Poulton fashion, I bring you my version of Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

vintage top; playful fabrics skirt; mom's shoes; bag
une belle accessories necklace
gift wrap bracelet; thin bangles; tomato watch in green studded strap;

- Waking up to a phone call and greeting with a groggy voice to a potential employer. She asks to e-mail your resume and five minutes after being sent, your phone rings and you’re being interviewed. On the phone. While still on your bed. In your PJs.
- Made a joke. Nobody laughed…because nobody heard me. *Crickets* Yep, just like a car crash. Okay, move along people! Nothing to see here…
- Taking the photos on Wednesday and finishing this post on Friday. So what happened to Awkward and Awesome THURSDAY?
- Being one of the judges for a songwriting competition.
- In line at a fast food, with the customer in front of you taking her precious time. I wish they called it fast food for fast customers. Lady, if you don’t mind, think about your order first before you decide to starve the rest of us behind you. I am not nice when I’m hungry. Mwahahaha!

anagon collection chili ring & wire art rings.

- Same call with the potential employer. Got called in for an exam the next day while you’re still in your PJs. Ms. Employer will never know. Hee hee.
- Finding out your household helper is a great outfit photographer.
- Those “rock” [and] “star” rings. If you want one yourself, check out Anagon Collection!
- Taking the exam and getting interviewed by about 3 managers {which equates to 3 “stages” of the job application}. Voice sounds better in person. Yes, I do sound better awake.
- Being one of the judges for a song writing competition. {No, that wasn’t déjà vu.}
- Using this skirt just way too many times. It might have to retire soon. Thank you for your unending pursuit to give me comfort and style.
- Being able to type my evil laugh for the first time on my blog. MWAHAHAHA!
- Being able to do this “Awkward and Awesome” list for the first time!! Shall I maybe pop it in on my blog every now and then?
- It’s Friday. Cue: “Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!” –Rihanna

♥♥ Megann

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  1. awesome! goodluck on your exam! let's all have an awesome friday! =)

  2. I love the skirt and I myself am like that when I love a piece of clothing...ABUSE IT!:)) haha! And you definitely look like a "rock" and "star" with the outfit, twin so perfect rings!

  3. I love the necklace and your bag too! :)

    btw, please join my blog giveaway :)

  4. Can I hire your househelp as well? I'm getting tired of taking a pic of myself alone, I look like someone with some loose screws when posing virtually everywhere for my photoblogs. hehehe..

    Miss Macherie

  5. @ Ava: True! Especially if it's also comfortable. Hahaha! Thank you twin! :) The rock star rings from Ana would still have to be my ultimate fave to spice up any outfit. ;)

    @ Nadine: Thank you!

    @ Jenine: Thanks!

    @ Macherie: LOL it was a recent discovery! Just taught her the basic point-and-shoot style for DSLR and I was set! :p Tried going to your blog, but it says "Page not found" :(


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